Friday, 17 March 2017

parkrun bingo (and other games)

parkrun bingo is a fun game to play. The original idea (not mine) consists of trying to tick off all possible seconds from 0-59 that it's possible to run at a parkrun - the minutes are not important, so this challenge is totally inclusive. I've made a simple spreadsheet (below) to show my own progress.

I have also made a few other versions to expand the game (not all completely inclusive, but you could modify them to suit your own needs), which are 'finishing positions', 'event numbers', 'days of the week', and 'all dates of the year'.
The parkrun alphabet is similar to parkrun bingo, so I have added my progress in another tab (I've never actively worked on collecting specific letters, but as I've toured around I have naturally ticked off most of them without trying).

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