Thursday 27 March 2014

The East and West Sussex parkrun venues

This page covers the combined ceremonial counties of West Sussex and East Sussex (including the city of Brighton and Hove).

The pins on the map mark the locations of parkruns within the county. The green pins show the venues I have officially visited while the red pins are venues that I still need to visit. The list below covers 5k events only, not junior parkruns.

Bognor Regis - Hotham Park, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Course: Four laps (1 small / 3 large)
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Flat
Notes: Very twisty course, narrow paths. Lots of lapping.
Further reading: My Bognor Regis parkrun blog entry

Bevendean Down parkrun - Bevendean Down, Bevendean, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass / dirt paths
Profile: undulating / hilly
Notes: Great views. Great atmosphere. Gives Brighton an off-road option.
Further reading: My Bevendean Down parkrun blog post

Brighton and Hove - Hove Park, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: 1 small lap and 2 longer laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Slightly undulating
Further reading: My Brighton and Hove parkrun blog entry

Chichester - Oaklands Park, Chichester, West Sussex
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Mostly grass with some tarmac
Profile: very gentle incline on the first half of each lap
Notes: Features lots of weaving around rugby pitches
Further reading: My Chichester parkrun blog post

Clair - Clair Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Course: Four-and-a-half laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Hilly
Notes: Fairly narrow paths / you will lap people or be lapped
Further reading: My Clair parkrun blog entry

Eastbourne - Shinewater Park, Eastbourne, East Sussex
Course: Almost a single lap but not quite
Underfoot: Grass / Tarmac
Profile: Pretty flat
Notes: I was pleasantly surprised
Further reading: My Eastbourne parkrun blog entry

East Brighton - East Brighton Park, Brighton, East Sussex
Course: Three clockwise laps
Underfoot: Grass
Profile: Mostly flat-ish, slight change in elevation during each lap
Notes: There was a lot of dogs mess present on the day I visited
Further reading: My East Brighton parkrun blog entry

East Grinstead - East Court, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Course: 3 laps (1 small, 2 large)
Underfoot: Mostly grass and dirt paths. One short brick-paved path.
Profile: Undulating/hilly
Notes: A cross-country course - will be a mud bath in the winter
Further reading: My East Grinstead parkrun blog post

Hastings - Seaside Road, Hastings, East Sussex
Course: Out and Back
Underfoot: Tarmac / concrete
Profile: Flat
Elevation gain: 43m (although I'm not convinced that this is accurate)
GPS data: Hastings parkrun
Notes: Watch out for cyclists and be prepared for some wind.
Further reading: My Hastings parkrun blog entry

Horsham - Horsham Park, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex
Course: Three laps around outside of the park
Underfoot: mostly tarmac, some grass/mud
Profile: very gentle undulations
Notes: Dragons and hailstones
Further reading: My Horsham parkrun blog entry

Hove Promenade - Hove Lawns, Kingsway, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: Two laps (or a double out and back)
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Nice wide promenade. Can suffer from wind and longshore drift.
Further reading: My Hove Promenade parkrun blog post

Ifield Mill Pond - Ifield Mill Pond, Waterfield Gardens, Bewbush, Crawley, West Sussex
Course: Two and a bit laps (out-and-back and a loop)
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Dogs and buggies not permitted due to narrow paths
Further reading: My Ifield Mill Pond parkrun blog post

Lancing Beach Green - 28 Brighton Road, Lancing, West Sussex
Course: 2 different out and back sections
Underfoot: Grass / Concrete
Profile: Flat
Further reading: My Lancing Beach Green parkrun blog post

Littlehampton Prom - Promenade, Littlehampton, West Sussex
Course: Two laps out and back
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Further reading: My Littlehampton Prom parkrun blog post

Peacehaven - Centenary Park, Piddinghow Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex
Course: Three laps (first one slightly longer than the second and third)
Underfoot: Pea shingle path / grass
Profile: Gently undulating
Notes: Great views of the rolling hills of the south downs
Further reading: My Peacehaven parkrun blog post

Preston Park - Preston Park, Brighton, East Sussex
Course: An L followed by two P's
Underfoot: tarmac
Profile: flat but with a short incline
Further reading: My Preston Park parkrun blog entry

Seaford Beach - Newhaven and Seaford Sailing Club, Seaford, East Sussex
Course: Out and back
Underfoot: Concrete/tarmac
Profile: Flat
Further reading: My Seaford Beach parkrun blog post

Tilgate - Tilgate Park, Crawley, West Sussex
Course: A lap of the lake, a lap of the park, then another lap of the lake
Underfoot: Tarmac/gravelly paths
Profile: Undulating / Hilly
Further reading: My Tilgate parkrun blog entry when I ran on the winter course.

Uckfield - Uckfield Rugby Club, Uckfield, East Sussex
Course: Out and back with a loop at the end
Underfoot: Off-road - Grass, dirt (mud)
Profile: Mostly mildly undulating with a bigger up and down during the loop
Notes: Absolutely beautiful
Further reading: My Uckfield parkrun blog post

Wakehurst - Wakehurst, Ardingly, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Course: Two clockwise laps
Underfoot: Resin and tarmac paths
Profile: Some steepish climbs (tbc)
Notes: No dogs allowed. Owned by National Trust, but run by Kew Gardens.
Further reading: NOT YET VISITED - starts April 2024

Worthing - Worthing Promenade, Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex
Course: Out-and-back
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: As flat as a pancake
Notes: Can suffer from the wind (seafront run)
Further reading: My Worthing parkrun blog post

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