Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Sussex parkrun venues

The historic county of Sussex is divided for local government purposes into East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton and Hove.

Map: The green pins show the venues I have officially visited while the red pins are venues that I still need to visit.

Bognor Regis - Hotham Park, Upper Bognor Road, Bognor Regis, West Sussex
Course: Four laps (1 small / 3 large)
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Flat
Notes: Very twisty course, narrow paths. Lots of lapping.
Further reading: My Bognor Regis parkrun blog entry

Bevendean Down parkrun - Bevendean Down, Bevendean, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass / dirt paths
Profile: undulating / hilly
Notes: Great views. Great atmosphere. Gives Brighton an off-road option.
Further reading: My Bevendean Down parkrun blog post

Brighton and Hove - Hove Park, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: 1 small lap and 2 longer laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Slightly undulating
Further reading: My Brighton and Hove parkrun blog entry

Chichester - Oaklands Park, Chichester, West Sussex
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Mostly grass with some tarmac
Profile: very gentle incline on the first half of each lap
Notes: Features lots of weaving around rugby pitches
Further reading: My Chichester parkrun blog post

Clair - Clair Park, Haywards Heath, West Sussex
Course: Four-and-a-half laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Hilly
Notes: Fairly narrow paths / you will lap people or be lapped
Further reading: My Clair parkrun blog entry

Eastbourne - Shinewater Park, Eastbourne, East Sussex
Course: Almost a single lap but not quite
Underfoot: Grass / Tarmac
Profile: Pretty flat
Notes: I was pleasantly surprised
Further reading: My Eastbourne parkrun blog entry

East Grinstead - East Court, East Grinstead, West Sussex
Course: 3 laps (1 small, 2 large)
Underfoot: tbc
Profile: Undulating
Further reading: Not visited (venue active from 9 September 2017)

Hastings - Seaside Road, Hastings, East Sussex
Course: Out and Back
Underfoot: Tarmac / concrete
Profile: Flat
Elevation gain: 43m (although I'm not convinced that this is accurate)
GPS data: Hastings parkrun
Notes: Watch out for cyclists and be prepared for some wind.
Further reading: My Hastings parkrun blog entry

Horsham - Horsham Park, North Street, Horsham, West Sussex
Course: Three laps around outside of the park
Underfoot: mostly tarmac, some grass/mud
Profile: very gentle undulations
Notes: Dragons and hailstones
Further reading: My Horsham parkrun blog entry

Hove Promenade - Hove Lawns, Kingsway, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex
Course: Two laps (or a double out and back)
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Nice wide promenade. Can suffer from wind and longshore drift.
Further reading: My Hove Promenade parkrun blog post

Peacehaven - Centenary Park, Piddinghow Avenue, Peacehaven, East Sussex
Course: Three laps (first one slightly longer than the second and third)
Underfoot: Pea shingle path / grass
Profile: Gently undulating
Notes: Great views of the rolling hills of the south downs
Further reading: My Peacehaven parkrun blog post

Preston Park - Preston Park, Brighton, East Sussex
Course: An L followed by two P's
Underfoot: tarmac
Profile: flat but with a short incline
Further reading: My Preston Park parkrun blog entry

Tilgate - Tilgate Park, Crawley, West Sussex
Course: A lap of the lake, a lap of the park, then another lap of the lake
Underfoot: Tarmac/gravelly paths
Profile: Undulating / Hilly
Further reading: My Tilgate parkrun blog entry when I ran on the winter course.

Worthing - Worthing Promenade, Brighton Road, Worthing, West Sussex
Course: Out-and-back
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: As flat as a pancake
Notes: Can suffer from the wind (seafront run)
Further reading: My Worthing parkrun blog post

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