'parkrun organise free, timed, 5k runs in pleasant parkland surroundings around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in'.

Despite the name, it is perfectly acceptable to walk or use a wheelchair. Just register on the parkrun website, print out your personal barcode and away you go. The barcode is valid at all parkruns worldwide. For more information, visit the parkrun website - from here you can access the webpage that applies to your country/region.

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I ran my first parkrun in May 2011 at Banstead Woods with the intention of visiting different venues, then when Riddlesdown parkrun started, I found my parkrun home, put the idea of touring on hold and stuck to this one venue for the next year. In the latter part of 2012 I reverted to my original plan of visiting different parkruns around London and the South East of England. In addition to actually running at the events, I love to write blog posts (profiles on the venues, I suppose) about each venue in the hope that these will be of interest and helpful to other runners. I currently try to keep a balance between touring and running/volunteering at my home parkrun, Dartford.

current parkrun goals:
  • to continue to tour and write about the venues on this blog
  • to complete the parkrun uk alphabet (as many letters as are available in the uk [X, Z not possible])
  • to visit all the venues in London and the home counties (I'm using the definition of all counties that border London (plus East and West Sussex))
  • to complete an official parkrun on all 366 calendar dates of the year (see my parkrun bingo page). I missed 29/2/2020 so this makes things a little tricky - I may have to revise it to the standard 365 days for now.

parkrun achievements:
  • awarded the Sweatshop runner of the month prize for August 2011 at Riddlesdown
  • member of the 50 club (Achieved on 5 May 2012. 344 days from my first parkrun)
  • ran at every one of the first 56 events at Riddlesdown (The full first year)
  • completed a streak of 59 parkruns over 53 consecutive weeks (including 50 in 302 days)
  • won the first mens points competition at Riddlesdown (2011-12) 
  • featured as parkrunner of the week ( 6 Feb 2013 )
  • member of the 100 club (achieved on 13 July 2013)
  • ran at fifty different venues [half-cowell / cow] (achieved on 30 Nov 2013)
  • completed the #sevenweeksofparkrun challenge (achieved on 10 May 2014)
  • helped to get a parkrun set up in Dartford (2014)
  • won the first mens points competition at Dartford (2014-15)
  • member of the v25 club (backdated to aug 2012)
  • credited as volunteer on 200 different occasions (26 July 2015)
  • have run official parkruns on every single day of the week (25 December 2015) [list below]
  • member of the Cowell Club (100 different events) (16 April 2016)
  • member of the 250 club (achieved on 11 June 2016. 263 weeks from my first parkrun)
  • credited as volunteer on 250 different occasions (31 Dec 2016)
  • ran my 100th Dartford parkrun (11 Nov 2017)
  • completed parkrun bingo [seconds] (18 Nov 2017 / 324th parkrun)
  • awarded 'order of the cow' by the uk parkrun tourist group (Nov 2017)
  • visited my 150th different venue / event (achieved on 19 May 2018)
  • visited my 150th different UK venue / event (26 May 2018)
  • ran my 350th parkrun (9 June 2018)
  • member of the v25 club (backdated to 22 September 2012)
  • member of the v50 club (backdated to 16 February 2013)
  • member of the v100 club (backdated to 21 December 2013)
  • member of the v250 club (backdated to 31 December 2016)
  • completed my 400th parkrun (13 November 2021)
  • credited as a volunteer on 300 different occasions (13 November 2021)
  • ran or volunteered (combined count) at 200 different venues (3 September 2022)

my map:

My main focus is to complete and then maintain venues within Kent, London, Essex, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey and Hertfordshire, but I've now expanded it to include Bedfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire which I'll slowly chip away at. Venues in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Suffolk and Norfolk are also covered but not on my immediate to-do list. The map below covers the following regions; South East, the East of England and London along with any other venues outside of this area that I have visited. Please note that parkruns within prisons will generally be excluded from this map.

Green: Visited
Red: Not visited but on the to-do list
Purple: Venue not yet active [also covers rumoured venues]

View parkrun7t in a larger map

Current unvisited venues in the South East, East of England, and London Regions

(does not include venues not open to the general public)
(this list is mostly for my own records and to help me plan future visits)

(Leavesden Country parkrun is inside M25, so counts for London+)


Millennium Country

Hertfordshire(Queen / King of Herts)
Leavesden Country

Kent: (100perKent or A Total Kent) ✔


East Sussex

West Sussex

Bury Field
Church Mead
Wendover Woods

California Country

Brandon Country Park
Bury St Edmunds
Chilton Fields
Thomas Mills

Coldham's Common
Fulbourn Hospital
Manor Field
Soham Village College
Storeys Field

Colney Lane
Downham Market Academy
Flegg High
Fritton Lake (CLOSED)
Gorleston Cliffs
Great Yarmouth North Beach
Hunstanton Promenade
Loch Neaton
Mulbarton (CLOSED)
North Walsham

Harcourt Hill
Henley-on-Thames (not suitable for buggies)
University Parks

Hampshire and Isle of Wight: (cHampshire)
Great Salterns
Lymington Woodside
Medina IOW (Isle of Wight)
Netley Abbey
Portsmouth Lakeside

Other venues under 1.5hrs drive (not up to date)
Cambridge: 61 miles / 1 hour, 9 minutes
Rushmoor: 65 miles / 1 hour, 16 minutes
Reading: 74 miles / 1 hour, 29 minutes
Huntingdon: 76 miles / 1 hour, 23 minutes
Basingstoke: 77 miles / 1 hour, 23 minutes
Bury St Edmunds: 82 miles / 1 hour, 24 minutes

Over 1.5hrs drive from Dartford (not up to date)

Brandon: 87 / 1 hour 35 minutes
Thetford: 88 miles / 1 hour 39 minutes
Havant: 90 miles / 1 hour 41 minutes
Winchester: 93 miles / 1 hour, 40 minutes
Andover: 96 miles / 1 hour 44 minutes
Southsea: 96 miles / 1 hour 50 minutes
Eastleigh: 101 miles / 1 hour 47 minutes
Oxford: 102 miles / 1 hour 53 minutes
Abingdon: 102 miles / 1 hour 57 minutes
Southampton: 106 miles / 1 hour 55 minutes
Netley Abbey: 111 miles / 1 hour 59 minutes
Mulbarton: 114 / 2 hours 6 minutes
Norwich: 117 / 2 hours 13 minutes
Brockenhurst: 118 miles / 2 hours 6 minutes
Fritton Lake: 118 / 2 hours 25 minutes
Catton: 120 miles / 2 hours 18 minutes
Blickling: 130 miles / 2 hours 34 minutes
Sheringham: 136 miles / 2 hours 46 minutes
Gorleston: 137 miles / 2 hours 33 minutes

Yeovil Montacute: 155 miles / 2 hours 50 minutes (no longer in operation) (I have left this here to remind myself to just get on and visit different places while the opportunity to do so is there)

Further afield venues that I'd like to visit:
Lanhydrock (NT)
Lyme (NT)
Tamar Trails
Somerdale Pavilion (Curly Wurly)
Trentham Gardens

My non-Saturday official parkruns: (27)

25/12/2011 Riddlesdown
01/01/2012 Riddlesdown
01/01/2012 Roundshaw Downs
25/12/2016 Greenwich
01/01/2017 Maidenhead
01/01/2017 Woodley

07/05/2012 Frimley Lodge (Bank Holiday Run)
04/06/2012 Riddlesdown (Golden Jubilee Bank Holiday - Monday)
25/12/2017 Riddlesdown
01/01/2018 Bedford
01/01/2018 Rushmere

05/06/2012 Nonsuch (Golden Jubilee Bank Holiday - Tuesday)
25/12/2012 Hilly Fields (when xmas day doubles were permitted)
25/12/2012 Dulwich (when xmas day doubles were permitted)
01/01/2013 Riddlesdown
01/01/2013 Roundshaw Downs
01/01/2019 Hoblingwell

25/12/2013 Great Lines
01/01/2014 Lloyd
01/01/2014 Banstead

26/07/2012 Bespoke (Olympics event at Highbury Fields)
25/12/2014 Bexley
01/01/2015 Dartford
01/01/2015 Shorne

25/12/2015 Harlow
01/01/2016 Hatfield Forest
01/01/2016 Barclay


For information on parkrun UK please visit their website - here
To view the list of UK venues please click - here
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