Sunday 4 June 2017

Ultm8 Warrior (Vigo) 2017

This was my daughter's first Ultm8 Warrior obstacle race running in the 7-9 year old category. This marked a move up from the 4-6 age group who complete a single lap to the 7-9 year old category who run 2 laps of the course.

The course was set up a little differently to the last time we visited, but had all the same obstacles plus at least one new one to negotiate. The previous year included a section off in the adjacent forest, but this had been removed in favour of keeping the children out on the main sports fields for the entire event.

With war paint applied she set off on her two laps around the course. She's quite independent and was quite happy going off on her own, so me and the wife hung around in the fenced off parents' area while she got on with her stuff.

She easily completed the two laps and had a great time in the process. A selection of photos is below...

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