Tuesday 25 February 2014

The London parkrun venues

Greater London is made up of the 32 London boroughs plus the City of London which is a city and a county in its own right.

There is quite a bit of controversy over what constitutes a London parkrun. Some people say it should be venues that fall within one of the London boroughs while others prefer to use the boundary of the M25 as a guide. Others may have their own different take on it (for example pre-1965 boundaries).

For this page I refer to any venues within the Greater London area as true London venues, while any venues that lie outside Greater London but still within the M25 are labelled as London+.

Whether individual participants wish to define the state of being 'Londone' as being within Greater London, within the M25 or something else is really a personal choice. If in doubt you could always use parkrun's list of Greater London venues.

The pins on the map mark the locations of parkruns within the county. The green pins show the venues I have officially visited while the red pins are venues that I still need to visit. The list below covers 5k parkrun events which are open to the public. Prison events and the 2k junior parkruns are excluded.

Aldenham - Aldenham Country Park, Elstree, Hertfordshire (London+)
Course: Two laps (not identical) around Aldenham Reservoir
Underfoot: Dirt paths, tarmac, compacted stone
Profile: Flat
Further reading: My 2024 Aldenham parkrun write-up. There is also my original Aldenham parkrun blog post

Ally Pally - Alexandra Park, North London.
Course: An out, two laps, and a back.
Underfoot: Tarmac, trail, dirt
Profile: Three terraced levels with steep up hill and downhills negotiated twice each
Notes: One of the harder London courses. Nice course with a trail-like section and a helipad.
Further reading: My Ally Pally blog post

Banstead - Banstead Woods, Surrey (London+)
Course: Almost two laps through the woods
Underfoot: Woodland trail
Profile: There's a hill but it is still a reasonably fast course if you are brave on the downhill
Notes: It's lovely here. They have a carpet of bluebells in the spring.
Further reading: It was my first and second ever parkrun venue. I also ran it on New Year's Day 2014. I also revisited in February 2018 and wrote a full, detailed blog.

Barking - Barking Park, Barking, East London.
Course: Two laps 
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: The park is nice. It has a lovely Victorian Garden area and War Memorial, and the team is lovely.
Further reading: My main venue write-up for Barking parkrun from 2023. My original 2012 Barking parkrun blog post

Beckenham Place - Beckenham Place Park, Beckenham, South East London
Course: One Lap (point-to-point)
Underfoot: Tarmac, gravel, woodland paths, dirt paths, grass
Profile: undulating (but fairly flat from 2k onwards)
Notes: Nice park. Has links to David Bowie.
Further reading: My Beckenham Place parkrun write-up from 2023. Also, my original Beckenham Place parkrun blog post 

Beckton - Beckton District Park South, Beckton, East London.
Course: Two laps with an out-and-back in the middle of each lap
Underfoot: Tarmac and grass
Profile: Flat
Notes: If you're lucky you might see some planes taking off or landing at London City Airport
Further reading: My 2023 Beckton parkrun write-up. Also there is my original 2013 Beckton parkrun blog post

Bedfont Lakes - Bedfont Lakes Country Park, Hounslow, West London.
Course: Two slightly different laps, the second just a bit longer than the first
Underfoot: Dusty paths
Profile: Slightly undulating first half or the lap with the remainder being flat
Notes: A really nice venue. There is a dogs on leads at all times policy.
Further reading: My Bedfont Lakes blog post

Bethlem Royal Hospital - Bethlem Royal Hospital, Beckenham, South East London
Course: Two anti-clockwise laps plus a finish tail
Underfoot: Grass
Profile: Flat
Notes: Private hospital grounds - be mindful of patients. No dogs allowed. Photography policy in place.
Further reading: My Bethlem Royal Hospital parkrun blog post.

Bexley - Danson Park, Bexley, South East London.
Course: Two laps of the park
Underfoot: Mostly tarmac, one section is woodland trail, also some grass
Profile: Undulating
Notes: A nice park and course but lots (I mean lots) of dog walkers
Further reading: My Bexley parkrun blog post or my Christmas Day 2014 blog post.

Brockwell - Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, South London.
Course: Two slightly different laps
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Undulating
Notes: A really pleasant park with views into London (one of London's finest parks)
Further reading: The 2023 Brockwell parkrun write-up. There is also my original 2013 Brockwell parkrun blog post.

Bromley - Norman Park, Bromley, South East London.
Course: Summer - two-and-bit-laps / Winter - two-and-three-quarter-laps
Underfoot: Summer - Grass and tarmac / Winter - All tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: A quick course. Susceptible to flooding.
Further reading: My 2023 Bromley parkrun write-up. Also, the original 2013 Bromley parkrun blog post

Brooklands - Brooklands Community Park, Brooklands, Surrey (London+)
Course: Two and a bit laps
Underfoot: Hard paths and trail paths
Profile: flat
Notes: Takes place at the world's first purpose-built motor racing track
Further reading: My Brooklands parkrun blog post

Burgess - Burgess Park, Camberwell, South East London.
Course: Out and back with a lap of the lake at the far end
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat with the exception of a slight gradient change at the eastern end just past the lake
Notes: A quick course.
Further reading: My full Burgess parkrun write-up (2021). Also my original Burgess parkrun blog post from 2013.

Bushy - Bushy Park, Teddington, West London.
Course: One single 5k lap (or maybe it's point-point)
Underfoot: Grass, gravelly paths, tarmac, dirt
Profile: Flat
Notes: It is the original parkrun. It usually has over 1,000 participants every week
Further reading: The updated full Bushy parkrun write-up from 2023. Also, my original 2013 Bushy parkrun blog post

Canons Park - Canons Park, Edgware, North London
Course: Three anti-clockwise laps (plus a little start/finish tail)
Underfoot: Tarmac / gravel / grass
Profile: very mild undulation
Notes: Nice, small park packed with tonnes of history
Further reading: My Canons Park parkrun blog post from 2016, Updated in 2024.

Cassiobury - Cassiobury Park, Watford, Hertfordshire (London+)
Course: Two and a half laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Flat, fast and a very pleasant course (has a couple of tight turns)
Further reading: My Cassiobury parkrun blog post

Catford - Mountsfield Park, Catford, South East London
Course: Two full laps plus a partial lap
Underfoot: Tarmac, grass, compact dirt / stones
Profile: Gently undulating
Notes: Picturesque park with great views
Further Reading: My Catford parkrun blog post

Charlton - Charlton Park, Charlton, South East London
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Approx 80% grass, 20% tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Nice park
Further reading: My Charlton parkrun blog post

Clapham Common - Clapham Common, Clapham, South London
Course: Two clockwise laps
Underfoot: dirt paths / grass / tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Official page says unsuitable for buggies
Further reading: My Clapham Common parkrun blog post

Crane - Crane Park, Twickenham, West London.
Course: One and a half laps
Underfoot: Dusty path and tarmac path
Profile: Flat apart from little hump
Notes: Really beautiful little park hidden away in west London
Further reading: My Crane parkrun blog post

Crystal Palace - Crystal Palace Park, South London.
Course: Summer is one lap. Winter is Two and a bit laps
Underfoot: Summer is mixed terrain and winter is all tarmac and gravel
Profile: First half of lap is uphill, second half downhill
Notes: If you are sensible on the up and prepared to let go on the down it is still quite a fast course
Further reading: My main Crystal Palace parkrun blog post of the summer route, and my original 2013 Crystal Palace parkrun blog post

Dartford - Central Park, Dartford, Kent (London+)
Course: 1 small lap followed by two large laps (new course as of July 2016)
Underfoot: Tarmac and grass / dirt
Profile: Mostly flat but with a slight incline during the dirt trail section
GPS data: Dartford parkrun (new standard course)
Notes: I am a member of the core volunteer team
Further reading: My full Dartford parkrun write-up from 2022.
Video: Dartford parkrun (freedom run) (the original course - not the current course, but quite similar)

Dartford Heath - Dartford Heath, Heath Lane, Dartford, Kent (London+)
Course: Almost two laps
Underfoot: stony paths, grass, concrete
Profile: flat
Further reading: My Dartford Heath parkrun blog post

Dulwich - Dulwich Park, Dulwich, South London.
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: It's run on a mile long loop through the park
Further reading: I have visited twice Christmas Day 2012 and January 2017 (detailed blog)

Finsbury - Finsbury Park, Finsbury, North London.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Undulating
Notes: A typical North London park. Pretty especially in the autumn.
Further reading: My 2012 Finsbury parkrun blog post and also my more in depth blog from 2017.

Foots Cray Meadows - Foots Cray Meadows, Foots Cray, South East London
Course: Out, large loop, small loop, back
Underfoot: Mostly grass, some gravel, some tarmac
Profile: overall fairly flat, slight rise in elevation at south/west end
Notes: Look out for the Five Arches Bridge
Further reading: My Foots Cray Meadows parkrun blog post

Fulham Palace - Bishops Park, Fulham, West London.
Course: Almost three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac, sometimes cracked
Profile: Flat
Notes: It is a very fast course and the park was used in the movie, Omen.
Further reading: My Fulham Palace parkrun blog post

Gladstone - Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill, North West London.
Course: Out, two laps and then back
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Undulating-hilly
Notes: Really nice looking park. You can see Wembley stadium from the top of the hill.
Further reading: My Gladstone parkrun blog post

Greenwich - Avery Hill Park, Eltham, South East London.
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: A mix of grass and tarmac
Profile: Mildly undulating (lots of flat sections)
Notes: Ran with the buggy and my daughter loved the downhill bit
Further reading: My main Greenwich parkrun blog from July 2022. Also there's my 2013 Greenwich parkrun blog post and one from our Christmas Day 2016 visit.

Grovelands - Grovelands Park, Enfield, North London.
Course: Three laps around the park 
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Flat with one incline that you might describe as a hill that gets progressively harder each time around.
Notes: Really nice park, however the Cafe and toilets are currently closed (June 2024)
Further reading: My 2024 Grovelands parkrun write-up. Also, my old 2013 Grovelands parkrun blog post

Gunnersbury - Gunnersbury Park, South Ealing, West London.
Course: Mostly tarmac, but grass at start, middle and end (course may have changed since I visited)
Underfoot: Mostly tarmac paths, not smooth
Profile: Gentle undulations
Notes: Shame about the badly maintained paths. Nice course though.
Further reading: My Gunnersbury parkrun blog post

Gunpowder - Gunpowder Park, Waltham Abbey, Essex. (London+)
Course: Two laps around the park
Underfoot: Gravelly paths
Profile: Gentle undulations
Notes: Former military explosives testing ground, now a country park.
Further reading: My 2022 Gunpowder parkrun write-up. Also my original Gunpowder parkrun blog post

Hackney Marshes - Hackney Marshes, Homerton, Hackney, East London.
Course: Out-and-back mostly along the canal/river
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Flat
Notes: It's a fast course. Very friendly.
Further reading: My new 2023 Hackney Marshes parkrun blog post. There's also my original Hackney Marshes parkrun blog post from 2012.

Hampstead Heath - Hampstead Heath, Hampstead, Camden, North London.
Course: Two laps around the park
Underfoot: Tarmac paths
Profile: Hilly
Notes: The start point varies depending on other events in the park. It is beautiful with great views across London.
Further reading: My Hampstead Heath parkrun blog post

Hanworth - Hanworth Air Park, Feltham, West London
Course: Two and a bit laps
Underfoot: Grass and gravelly path, plus a little bit of tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Former grounds of Hanworth Park House and London Air Park
Further reading: My Hanworth parkrun blog post

Harrow - Harrow Recreation Ground, Pinner Road, Harrow, North West London
Course: 3 laps (first lap with additional small loop)
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Gentle rise on each lap
Notes: Nice and friendly with a heated pavilion to use as a base
Further reading: My 2023 Harrow parkrun write-up. Also, my original 2015 Harrow parkrun blog post.

Harrow Lodge - Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch, East London.
Course: One 5k lap
Underfoot: Mostly grass but some tarmac
Profile: Flat with some ever-so-gentle undulations which feel much harder in bad conditions
Notes: A good course, a bit of a cross-country feel in places.
Further reading: My in-depth Harrow Lodge parkrun blog post from 2021. There is also my old Harrow Lodge parkrun blog post from event 1.

Hazelwood - Hazelwood Centre (London-Irish Rugby Club), Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey (London+)
Course: A short lap followed by the full laps of the grounds
Underfoot: Grass (short section on stones)
Profile: Flat
Notes: No dogs permitted at this venue
Further reading: My Hazelwood parkrun blog post

Highbury Fields - Highbury Fields, Islington, North London.
Course: Five and a bit laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Gentle undulation on each lap
Notes: Five laps sounds like it could be dull, but somehow it isn't. Just don't lose count.
Further reading: My Highbury Fields parkrun blog post

Hilly Fields - Hilly Fields, Ladywell, Lewisham, South East London.
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: grass and tarmac
Profile: Hilly (like a rollercoaster)
Notes: Really fun and challenging course with good views
Further reading: My 2023 Hilly Fields parkrun write-up. Also, my 2012 Hilly Fields parkrun blog post and my Christmas Day 2012 visit

Hoblingwell - Hoblingwell Wood Recreation Ground, St. Paul's Cray, Orpington, South East London
Course: 2 laps plus some extra loops
Underfoot: Mostly grass, some tarmac and a short dirt path
Profile: Gently undulating
Notes: The course looks complicated but once you've run it once it all makes sense
Further reading: My Hoblingwell parkrun blog post

Kingston - Thames Path, Adj. to The Hawker Centre, Kingston-on-Thames, South West London.
Course: Out and back along the Thames
Underfoot: Riverside paths and tarmac with dirt path loop at far end
Profile: Flat
Notes: It's a really pretty part of the Thames and a nice place to run
Further reading: My Kingston parkrun 2024 write-up. Also my Kingston parkrun blog post from my first visit in 2013.

Lloyd - Lloyd Park, Croydon, South London.
Course: Two laps around the park
Underfoot: Grass and dirt
Profile: Hilly
Notes: I think this might be the toughest London course. It's also one of my favourites. Cross-country course.

Leavesden Country - Leavesden Country Park, Abbotts Langley, Hertfordshire (London+)
Course: Three laps (plus start/finish tail)
Underfoot: 50/50 mix of hard paths and grass/mud
Profile: Gently undulating
Notes: Just down the road from the Harry Potter Studio Tour
Further reading: My Leavesden Country parkrun blog post

Lordship Recreation Ground - Lordship Lane, Tottenham, North London
Course: Three-and-bit laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: The Model Traffic Area is really cool (for kids, of course)
Further reading: My Lordship Recreation Ground parkrun write-up from 2022

Mile End - Mile End Park, East London.
Course: Two out and back laps (new course as of December 2023)
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat with some man-made undulations
Notes: Good views of Docklands. Fun course.
Further reading: My main 2024 Mile End parkrun write-up. My old 2013/2022 Mile End parkrun blog post

Morden - Morden Park, Morden, South West London
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Mostly grass, also some tarmac/concrete
Profile: Undulating (tbc)
Further reading: not yet visited

Nonsuch - Nonsuch Park, Cheam, South West London / Surrey. (London+)
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass and paths
Profile: Flat
Notes: A quick course when it's dry. The park straddles the London/Surrey border and is managed by the London borough of Sutton. However the entire parkrun actually takes place within Surrey.
Further reading: My 2023 Nonsuch parkrun write-up. Also my old Nonsuch parkrun blog from 2012.

Northala Fields - Northala Fields Park, Ealing, West London.
Course: pretty much one big 5k loop (or maybe a lollipop)
Underfoot: mostly tarmac, but some of the paths are a little stony
Profile: flat with the gentlest of inclines just after the 4km point
Notes: The four mounds contain a huge part of England's footballing history
Further reading: My Northala Fields parkrun blog entry

Oak Hill - Oak Hill Park, East Barnet, North London.
Course: Almost two laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Mostly flat with a slight rise and fall each lap
Notes: I ran on the first warm morning of the year and it felt harder than it probably is
Further reading: The 2024 Oak Hill parkrun write-up. There is also my original 2013 Oak Hill parkrun blog post

Old Deer Park - Old Deer Park, Richmond, South West London.
Course: Three-and-bit laps around the park
Underfoot: almost exclusively on grass
Profile: Flat
Notes: Dogs are not permitted at this venue.
Further reading: My main Old Deer Park parkrun write-up from May 2023. My original Old Deer parkrun blog post from 2013.

Orpington - Goddington Park, Orpington, South East London.
Course: Almost three laps
Underfoot: Grass and tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: This is an offshoot of Bromley parkrun and it feels very similar / very unlikely to cancel.

Osterley - Osterley Park, Isleworth, West London.
Course: Three laps through the grounds of Osterley park (National Trust)
Underfoot: Tarmac, tarmac with potholes (which may have now been filled), trail, grass
Profile: Flat
Notes: A really nice venue. The trail section is very short but brilliant.
Further reading: My Osterley parkrun blog post

Peckham Rye - Peckham Rye, Southwark, South East London.
Course: 3 laps and a tail
Underfoot: tarmac
Profile: flat
Notes: Put all of your preconceptions about Peckham to one side and enjoy this wonderful park.
Further Reading: My full 2024 Peckham Rye parkrun write-up. My older Peckham Rye parkrun blog post from event 1.

Pymmes - Pymmes Park, Edmonton, North London.
Course: Almost three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat with one bump
Notes: Watch out for the ducks!
Further reading: The 2023 Pymmes parkrun write-up. My original 2012 Pymmes parkrun blog post

Raphael - Raphael Park, Beauly Way, Rise Park, Romford, East London.
Course: Two large laps and one small lap
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Mostly flat - a couple of small gradient changes
Notes: It is pronounced 'Rayfel'. Don't fall into the lake!
Further reading: My Raphael parkrun blog post (updated March 2023)

Richmond - Richmond Park, Richmond, South West London.
Course: One 5k lap
Underfoot: Tarmac and compact gravelly paths
Profile: Undulating
Notes: A very nice run in an amazing park.
Further reading: My 2024 Richmond parkrun write-up. Also my original 2013 Richmond parkrun blog post

Rickmansworth - Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire (London+)
Course: 2 laps plus a start-finish tail
Underfoot: Tarmac and a slightly stony footpath
Profile: Flat
Notes: Watch out for vehicles near the start-finish / watch out for loose dogs
Further reading: My Rickmansworth parkrun blog post

Riddlesdown - Riddlesdown, South London / Surrey. (London+)
Course: 2 laps plus a finish tail (NEW COURSE)
Underfoot: Grass, stony trail, path
Profile: Flat with one short sharp incline
Notes: A bit cross country. Gets muddy and wet in the winter but very unlikely to be cancelled. My former parkrun home. Also the only parkrun to start inside London but finish outside London (Surrey).
Further reading: My Riddlesdown parkrun blog (NEW - July 2022 update) post (or search results)

Roding Valley - Roding Valley Recreation Ground, Loughton, Essex (also appears in London+)
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Fairly even split between grass and tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Fast and flat - Lovely, friendly team. Park popular with dog walkers.
Further reading: My Roding Valley parkrun blog post.

Roundshaw Downs - Roundshaw Downs, Croydon, South London.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass
Profile: A long gentle incline and a fast downhill on each lap
Notes: Good views from the highest point of the course
Further reading: My New Year's Day 2012 and New Year's Day 2013 blog posts. I also revisited in December 2017 and wrote a full blog post.

Southall - Southall Park, Southall, West London
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac, tiny section on stony path
Profile: Flat
Further reading: My Southall parkrun blog post

South Norwood - South Norwood Country Park, South Norwood, South East London.
Course: Just over two laps
Underfoot: Gravelly, stony paths (90%) and some grass/dirt/mud (10%)
Profile: generally flat with a short incline
Notes: A fairly hidden country park
Further reading: My South Norwood parkrun blog post

South Oxhey - South Oxhey Playing Fields, Green Lane, Watford (London+)
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Grass (you can run about 150 metres each lap on tarmac if you choose)
Profile: Long steady incline / decline on each lap
Notes: You can chill out in a hammock post-run
Further reading: My South Oxhey parkrun blog post

Southwark - Southwark Park, Bermondsey, South East London.
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat with one swooping down-then-up dip in the path towards the end of each lap
Notes: It's a fast one.
Further reading: My main 2023 Southwark parkrun write-up. My original Southwark parkrun blog post from 2013 and my test run blog post. I also visited the venue in October 2017.

Stockley Country - Stockley Country Park, Yiewsley, West London
Course: (1.5 small loops of a grass field or similar) followed by two full laps of the park
Underfoot: Compact dirt, gravel, concrete, grass
Profile: mostly flat but also has a hill
Notes: No toilets, no cafe, must leave car park straight away

Sunny Hill - Sunny Hill Park, Hendon, North London
Course: One small lap, and then two full laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Hilly. Undulates all around.
Notes: Nice views from the highest points
Further reading: My Sunny Hill parkrun blog post

Sutcliffe - Sutcliffe Park Nature Reserve, Eltham, South East London
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Tarmac and gravel (not loose)
Profile: Flat
Notes: Nature reserve and restored river on the site of former football fields
Further reading: My Sutcliffe parkrun blog post

Swanley parkrun - Swanley Park, Swanley, Kent (London+)
Course: Two laps (but see course page) - looks like a tied shoe lace
Underfoot: Grass and paths
Profile: Undulating
Further reading: My Swanley parkrun blog post

Thames Path parkrun, Woolwich - Thames Path, James Clavell Square, Woolwich, London
Course: Out and back (with a spiral (curly whirly / walnut whip / teletubby hill) at the end)
Underfoot: Tarmac, gravel
Profile: Flat with added spiral
Further reading: My Thames Path parkrun write-up from May 2023

Tooting Common parkrun - Tooting Common, Tooting, South London
Course: Three laps plus a start-finish tail
Underfoot: Mostly tarmac but also some compact earth
Profile: Flat as a pancake
Notes: Paths not suitable for 'large' buggies (double buggies)
Further reading: My Tooting Common parkrun blog post.

Valentines - Valentines Park, Ilford, East London.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: Nice London park with a mansion
Further reading: My detailed 2021 write-up Valentines parkrun blog. Also my 2012 Valentines parkrun blog post

Victoria Dock - Royal Victoria Dock, Siemens Brothers Way, Docklands, East London
Course: Horseshoe shaped course around the perimeter of Royal Victoria Dock
Underfoot: Tarmac / brick / some cobblestones
Profile: Flat
Notes: local car parks very expensive (c. £10 per hour).
Further reading: My Victoria Dock parkrun blog post

Walthamstow - Peter May Sports Ground, Walthamstow, East London.
Course: Three laps
Underfoot: Grass
Profile: Flat with an ever-so-gentle rise
Notes: No dogs allowed within the venue as it is a private sports ground.
Further reading: My 2023 full Walthamstow parkrun write-up. My original 2013 Walthamstow parkrun blog post

Wanstead Flats - Wanstead Flats Playing Fields, Wanstead, East London.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass, trail, tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: The start feels very 'inner city' but soon feels like trail running in the countryside
Further reading: My 2023 write-up for Wanstead Flats parkrun. Also my original 2013 Wanstead Flats blog post

Wimbledon Common - Wimbledon Common, Wimbledon, South West London.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Dirt paths (can get very splashy and muddy after rain)
Profile: Flat
Notes: Brilliant course. Due to the sheer number of people, the paths get congested so lining up sensibly is crucial.
Further reading: My full 2023 write-up for Wimbledon Common parkrun. Also, my original 2013 Wimbledon Common parkrun blog post

Wormwood Scrubs - Wormwood Scrubs, Shepherds Bush, West London.
Course: Two-and-a-bit-laps
Underfoot: Grass, dirt / mud
Profile: Flat
Notes: Run in the shadow of Wormwood Scrubs prison.
Further reading: My full 2023 Wormwood Scrubs parkrun write-up. Also my original 2013 Wormwood Scrubs blog post

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