Sunday 2 June 2024

Double Londone

I've been Londone (and Londone+) on and off a number of times since first completing the challenge in 2013. As I'm now accompanying the rest of my family on their quests to become Londone, I am naturally visiting a lot of places I have been to before. Hence the quest to become double Londone!

Simply, it means having visited every London parkrun at least twice. It can also be extended into Double Londone+ to include all the venues within the M25.

It could then be extended into triple Londone and so on, but is there anyone that would really want to do that? 

The green pins are the parkrun venues that I have visited more than once. The red pins are the venues that I have not visited more than once. As you can see, it is progressing nicely.

Special note for the new parkrun in Morden, which I haven't visited yet so still requires two visits to turn the pin green.

77 venues in total

  • Visited multiple times: 53
  • Visited once: 23
  • Never visited: 1

Greater London

  • Greater London venues: 63
  • Visited multiple times = 46
  • Visited once = 16
  • Never visited: 1

London+ additional venues (outside Greater London, but inside the M25)

  • London+ venues: 14
  • Visited multiple times = 7
  • Visited once = 7
  • Never visited = 0

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