Thursday 27 March 2014

The Surrey parkrun Venues

The county of Surrey.

The pins on the map mark the locations of parkruns within the county. The green pins show the venues I have officially visited while the red pins are venues that I still need to visit. The list below covers 5k events only, not junior parkruns.

Alice Holt - Alice Holt Forest, Farningham, Surrey. (falls within Hampshire)
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Forest paths / stony paths / tree roots
Profile: undulating / hilly
Notes: Watch out for high speed deer and gruffalo. The official address of the venue says that it is in Surrey, but to me it looks like it is in Hampshire. I've left it on this list for now.
Further reading: My Alice Holt parkrun blog entry

Banstead Woods - Banstead Woods, Surrey (London+)
Course: Almost two laps through the woods
Underfoot: Woodland trail
Profile: There's a hill but it is still a reasonably fast course if you are brave on the downhill
Notes: It's lovely here. They have a carpet of bluebells in the spring and a Narnia trail.
Further reading: It was my first and second ever parkrun. I also ran it on New Year's Day 2014. I also revisited in February 2018 and wrote a full, detailed blog.

Broadwater - Broadwater Park, Godalming, Surrey
Course: A loop of a sports field followed by two full anti-clockwise laps
Underfoot: Grass, tarmac and trail
Profile: Largely flat with a few short, sharp inclines/declines
Further reading: My Broadwater parkrun blog post

Brooklands - Brooklands Community Park, Brooklands, Surrey (London+)
Course: Two and a bit laps
Underfoot: Hard paths and trail paths
Profile: flat
Notes: Takes place in the grounds of the world's first purpose built motor racing track
Further reading: My Brooklands parkrun blog post

Cranleigh - Bruce McKenzie Memorial Field, Knowle Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Offroad (grass / trail)
Profile: Flat/ mildly undulating with a hill
Elevation gain: 63m
GPS data: Cranleigh parkrun
Notes: Great views across the Surrey Hills
Further reading: My Cranleigh parkrun blog post

Frimley Lodge - Frimley Lodge Park, Surrey.
Course: 2 laps
Underfoot: Grass / Dirt / Tarmac
Profile: Flat
Notes: I loved the section along the canal and subsequent twisty forest part. Not so keen about running through the dog exercise area.
Further reading: My Frimley Lodge parkrun blog post

Guildford - Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey.
Course: Two clockwise laps
Underfoot: Grass (2km) / Tarmac (3km)
Profile: Gently undulating
Elevation gain: 23m
GPS data: Guildford parkrun
Notes: Mostly open playing fields. Worth visiting the Wild Wood Adventure afterwards.
Further reading: My Guildford parkrun blog post.

Hazelwood - Hazelwood Centre (London-Irish Rugby Club), Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey (London+)
Course: A short lap followed by the full laps of the grounds
Underfoot: Grass (short section on stones)
Profile: Flat
Notes: No dogs permitted at this venue
Further reading: My Hazelwood parkrun blog post

Homewood - Ottershaw Memorial Fields, Ottershaw, Surrey (CHANGE OF ORIGINAL VENUE)
Course: A tail, three laps of the woods, and back along the tail
Underfoot: grass and forest paths (lots of tree roots)
Profile: undulating/hilly
Notes: This event changed venue in January 2017 from Homewood Park to Ottershaw Memorial Fields. Watch out for the tree roots in the woods.
Further reading: My Homewood parkrun (Ottershaw Memorial Fields) blog post. Here is my Homewood parkrun (Homewood Park) blog post from my visit to the original venue.

Mole Valley - Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking, Surrey
Course: 1 lap
Underfoot: Off-road course, dirt / grass / gravelly farm tracks
Profile: Hilly
Notes: Official page says the course is not suitable for buggies. May also be referred to as Denbies.
Further reading: My Mole Valley parkrun blog post

Nonsuch - Nonsuch Park, Cheam, South West London / Surrey. (London+)
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass and paths
Profile: Flat
Notes: A quick course when it's dry. The park straddles the London/Surrey border and is managed by the London borough of Sutton. However the entire parkrun actually takes place within Surrey.
Further reading: My 2023 Nonsuch parkrun write-up. Also my old Nonsuch parkrun blog from 2012.

Reigate Priory - Priory Park, Reigate, Surrey.
Course: Two laps
Underfoot: Grass, dirt paths and a small section of man-made path
Profile: undulating (rollercoaster trail section)
Notes: Lovely park. Good course - will be fun in wet/muddy conditions.
Further reading: My Reigate Priory parkrun blog post)

Riddlesdown - Riddlesdown, South London / Surrey. (London+)
Course: 2 laps plus a finish tail (NEW COURSE)
Underfoot: Grass, stony trail, path
Profile: Flat with one short sharp incline
Notes: A bit cross country. Gets muddy and wet in the winter but very unlikely to be cancelled. My former parkrun home. Also the only parkrun to start inside London but finish outside London (Surrey).
Further reading: My Riddlesdown parkrun blog (NEW - July 2022 update) post (or search results)

Woking - Woking Park, Kingfield Road, Woking, Surrey
Course: Three-and-a-bit laps
Underfoot: tarmac and trail
Profile: Flat
Notes: you'll probably lap someone or be lapped
Further reading: My Woking parkrun blog post

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