Sunday 30 January 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 24 Jan 2011

Monday 24 Jan 2011: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders

- Machine Press
- Machine Flyes
- Push Ups
- Tricep Extensions
- Rear Deltoid Machine

Ran out of time in the gym so continued the workout at home with my dumbbells.

- Side Raises (DB)
- Shoulder Press (DB)

Tuesday 25 Jan 2011: Back and Biceps

- Pull Ups
- Machine Row
- Machine Pull Down (underhand)
- Barbell Curls
- Dumbbell Curls

Wednesday 26 Jan 2011: Cardio

- Treadmill Run, 6km (at 4.55 minutes per km pace) - Summary

Thursday 27 Jan 2011: Legs

Today my train to London was delayed so I had to scrap the planned gym workout, but I still managed to squeeze in a body weight session before starting work.

- Squats
- Walking Lunges
- Standing Hamstring Curls
- Leg Extensions
- Inside, Outside and Rear Leg Raises (names may be incorrect)

Friday 28 Jan 2011: Cardio+

I took an earlier train *yawn* to work today, which meant that I had a tiny amount of spare time to throw in a few push ups and pull ups.

- 5km Treadmill Run - Summary
- 50 Push Ups (15/15/10/10)
- 20 Pull Ups (6/4/3/4/3)

Saturday 29 Jan 2011: PLANNED REST


Sunday 30 Jan 2011: Long Run

- 12.4km Run (at 5.10 minutes per km pace) - Summary / Map
- Leg Lifts (core)
- Leg upside-down pendulum things, I don't know the name! (core)


Next week I think I'll stick with a similar plan to this week. I'll fit the core workout in somewhere.

Monday - Push Day: Chest, Triceps and Shoulders (front and side)
Tuesday - Pull Day: Back, Biceps and Shoulders (Rear)
Wednesday - Short Treadmill Run (interval training - 25-30 minutes)
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Short Treadmill Run (approx 6km)
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Long Run (1 hour - approx 10-12km)

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