Sunday 20 February 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 14 February 2011

Monday 14 February:

- 101 Push-ups
  • Work commitments left no time for the gym. I was only able to squeeze in these push-ups when I got home.

Tuesday 15 February:

- Side Raises
- Shoulder Press
- Leaning Chest Press
- Arm Curls
- Tricep Extensions
  • Again, no time to get to the gym. Equipment used was two 6kg dumb-bells, which I keep at home.

Wednesday 16 February:

- 6.6km Fartlek Run ( Summary / Map )
  • Music: Empire of The Sun - Walking on a Dream

Thursday 17 February

- Rest (unless you count hoovering, I did break a sweat!)

Friday 18 February:

- Run - 5.66km ( Summary / Map )
  • Music: Muse - The Resistance (Only got through half of the album)

Saturday 19 February:

- Rest

Sunday 20 February:

- Run - 12.69km ( Summary / Map )
  • Quite a difficult run, my route took me round in two separate loops. The first was fine, but the mental strain of knowing I was running away from home while over half-way through the second loop was tough - I definitely think it's good to develop some mental strength, especially if I am to successfully complete a half-marathon. (Don't mention a full marathon... yet!)
  • Music: Radiohead - The King of Limbs (I had my music player on repeat, so I listened to it 1.5 times)
- Push-ups (about 40 in total, 3 sets - I wasn't really counting)

A bit of a strange week, had some time off work, so the gym sessions suffered. But did manage to maintain my running mileage.

After the long run I had a strange feeling in/on/around my left knee, it feels like my clothes were rubbing against the inside of my knee, it's a mild burning type of sensation, the weird thing is that I wore exactly the same tights and shorts as I have worn for every (outdoor) run for the last three months or so. In addition to that it just feels odd, I can't put my finger on it (not literally). I have iced the knee (bag of frozen sweetcorn), I'll just have to sleep on it and see what tomorrow brings.

Until I know what the knee is up to I'll resist making plans for next week's workouts, obviously upper body should be fine, as long as the knee doesn't prevent me from walking.

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