Wednesday 22 June 2011

Pre-race thoughts - Staplehurst 10k

This weekend I am registered to run another 10k race, this one is in Staplehurst, Kent. According to everything I've read it's supposed to be a fairly flat course.

My current personal best (during a race) for 10k is 47.13. My goal for this race is to break the 45 minute barrier. I feel like it should be well within my capabilities, I recently ran a 20.55 5k. I've increased my mileage significantly over the last few months and I'm feeling good while running. But you never know what will happen on the day!

Today I've been in contact with the race director because my race number and instructions have not yet arrived. He has been extremely helpful and if it doesn't turn up by Saturday I can contact him and he'll have a replacement print-out of my number waiting for me on race day.

All I have left to do is a couple of easy runs and then a nice rest on Saturday. The weather forecast looks good at the moment, although it's so random at the moment it could easily change. I'm really looking forward to this one, probably more so than the others, and mostly because it's supposed to be a flat course!

I try to get a race report with photos out on Sunday evening!

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