Monday 12 September 2011

Tonbridge half-marathon (13 days to go)

It's less than two weeks until my first half-marathon so I thought it was about time to post an update on the half-marathon preparations.

The race has reached its limit of 1000 entrants. It's definitely going to be the biggest race that I have taken part in. Also, they have confirmed that Dame Kelly Holmes will be starting the race.

My race pack arrived in the post last week. It contains my race number, timing chip in a sealed envelope which I must not open until race day (I don't know if I can resist the urge to peak inside), directions and parking information, and a luggage tag in case you need to store things during the race.

race pack contents

The race director has also sent a few emails with further details. I like that he is keeping in regular contact with the entrants. There will be a company selling commemorative tech t-shirts on the day (I had hoped there would be one included in the post-race goody bag). You can pre-order one but as I'm funny with sizings I'll have a look at them on their stand and decide whether to buy one on the day.


I have done six runs of half-marathon distance or greater and been consistent with my five runs per week schedule, apart from one week back in July when my left hamstring was playing up so I only did four. But then I did six a couple of weeks ago, so it balanced out.

My mileage has steadily increased and is firmly in the 50-55km per week window. Last week I had some time off work and that enabled me to put in a 59.7km week. Very happy with that side of the training.

The only part of the training that hasn't gone to plan are the Wednesday speed training sessions. The weekly parkrun races that I have been taking part in have made me nervous about going for too much speed during the week. I have gone as far as a few tempo runs during the week but that is about it.

I'm now in the window where my training plan suggests that I taper. There is one Sunday long run left before the race and the plan is for that to be around 15k. I suppose I should stick to the plan rather than doing the full long run, after all Bob Glover knows better than I do.

All that's left is to get through the next 13 days without doing anything silly, and arrive in one piece at the start line.



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