Sunday 15 January 2012

Ice age coming.. (Janathon day 15)

.. ice age coming, let me hear both sides, let me hear both sides, let me hear......

//we're not scare mongering, this is REALLY happening... happening.

I felt a bit like a toy that's been left in the attic for twenty years and then pulled out again. Not flowing particularly well. I wasn't really sure what I was heading out to do distance wise, but I knew that I wanted to spend an hour on the streets. I dialed the speed right down to very slow and plodded along with my current favourite soundtrack - Radiohead.

Everythiiiiiing.... in it's right place..

Round and round the streets, trying not to run down the same street twice - I like to keep my GPS lines from crossing on the map!

I've been waiting... patient. Patiently.

I ran past a very self-important looking runner. Clearly taking herself way too seriously and not even able to squeeze out a smile or a hello.

Give me an answer, give me a line..

It was a lovely crisp, clear morning. Having a lie-in on a Sunday is nice, but can't match running in these conditions. Once I had finished, I took some photos as the sun was rising above the houses (see above). Then I crept back into the warm house to have some breakfast and watch 'click' on the iplayer.

11.2km (one hour and one minute).

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