Sunday 5 February 2012

500 push-ups in one day challenge

The challenge details are on the tribesports website:

Perform 500 push-ups in a day

After an extremely lame attempt at completing this challenge last Tuesday, I decided to have another crack at it on a day where work wouldn't get in my way.

I started at 11am and worked out that if I stuck to an average of 50 push-ups per hour for the rest of the day, I would be done just before I hit the sack (albeit with burning chest, triceps and shoulders!). Here is how it went:

11:10 - 11:18: 5 sets of 10 (regular).

We then had to go out to the shops to buy food.

13:26 - 13:29: 5 sets of 10 (with pushup bars).
14:58 - 14:59: 1 set of 20 (with pushup bars).
15:14 - 15:16: 3 sets of 10 (with pushup bars).
15:50 - 15:56: 5 sets of 10 (regular with feet raised).
15:59 - 16:05: 5 sets of 10 (with pushup bars).

Half way point!

17:07 - 17:13: 5 sets of 10 (arms wide).
18:01 - 18:10: 2 sets of 25 (regular)

That took me up to 350. Time for a longer break while I had dinner. After eating approximately 1kg of roast potatoes and an awesome salad (rocket, spinach, watercress, basil) my body started to feel sleepy. I got down into the push-up position but my arms would not push me up. I gave myself a stern talking to 'you will not come this far and then quit!'. After that I tried again..

19:55 - 20:02: 5 sets of 10 (regular).

400 pushups done, but my right shoulder was feeling a bit tender (maybe due to the extra potato weight it was lifting).

20:40 - 20:45: 5 sets of 10 (regular). The last two reps of the last set were really hard.

The last session..

20:55 - 21:03 5 sets of 10 (regular) - Plus one extra push-up at the end for luck!

500+1 push-ups complete!


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