Wednesday 15 February 2012

End of an era

Today I went to the gym.

I didn't go there to play with their toys.

This is the conversation that took place....


Me: Hi, I've come to cancel my membership.

Her: Oh.

[she reaches for cancellation form]

Her: May I ask why?

Me: Well, I'm a runner. I do everything I need to do... out there.

[I point to window]

Me: Over the years I've learned that I don't need all of this fancy equipment in order to reach my fitness goals.

Her: How long have you been a member?

Me: about 7 years.

Her: Wow.

Me: Yeah, I'll miss the place. I used to be here almost daily.

Her: hmm

[she writes stuff on a form and then answers the ringing phone]

Me: Do you want me to sign that?

Her: uhm... yeah, probably.

[she hands me the paper and a pen]

[I sign the form]

Me: I'll probably come down for a session or two before the end of the month, I have a few challenges to complete.

Her: hu?

Me: Don't worry. Cheers.

[I leave the gym]


The challenges that I was referring to are from the tribesports website - If you need a new challenge to give your favourite activities a bit of a kick try it. If you join, remember to find me and add me.

So now that I have left the gym I will save myself £36 per month. That is going straight into Steve's running stuff account, I am going to use it to pay for anything related to running (races, new gear etc).

It really feels like the end of an era, but life has moved on over the last couple of years and the gym just doesn't fit in anymore.


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