Sunday 3 June 2012

Pas-ta(the) weights... (Juneathon day 3)

Yesterday, while we were in tescos doing some shopping, we picked up two bags of pasta that were on special offer. When we got home it struck me that they could come in handy for today's Juneathon workout.

Each bag weighs 3kg, which is still fairly light for a workout. However, if I need to I can hold both bags in the same hand at once to give me a 6kg weight. Again, that is still not really that heavy, but it is heavy enough to give me some resistance to do a little training session with.

These are the exercises I performed -

Arm-curls - Hopefully no explanation is required for this one.

Tricep Extensions - Then lift the bags up and let them hang behind your head, extend each arm upwards and there you have your tricep extensions.

Bent over rows - One bag in each hand, bend at the waist until you're almost at 90 degrees (only go as far as is comfortable). Then pull the bags up into your body.

Chest Flyes - Lie down on your back, one bag either side. Pick the bags up and extend arms while bringing them into the centre of your body.


Things I  have learned - The bags work really well for the biceps and triceps, and to some extent the bent over rows, but the chest flyes didn't work that well as the bags hang too low, it would be better if I was using a bench. It is probably better to stick to good, old fashioned push-ups to work the chest.

It goes to show that you do not need to go out and spend loads of money on expensive equipment in order to have a workout - the only problem now is that when we have pasta for dinner my weights are going to get lighter!

Day 3: upper body workout - Didn't really count everything exactly, but approx 100 reps each of the bicep and tricep exercises and about 80 of the rows. I gave up on the chest after the first set of 20 because it was not really working out.
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