Sunday 4 January 2015

Gravesend junior parkrun 10

Sundays have been quite hectic lately, and this has meant that Matilda hasn't been to a junior parkrun since November. So with nothing else in the calendar, we got up and went over the the Gravesend Riverside Gardens to take part in the tenth Gravesend junior parkrun.

me and my number one running buddy [photo:dani]

It was the first event of 2015 and, even though the weather was cold, damp and foggy, had a fantastic turnout of 48 junior runners. Matilda wasn't in a pb hunting mood and we played our usual running games as we proceeded around the course.

half-way around [photo:dani]

This was her 9th junior parkrun and she was supported by her Mum and her Opi (Grandad on the German side). Her finishing time was 17.44 [results] which was actually her slowest on the course. I think that was mostly down to running with me.

chatting about something [photo:dani]

As always, the volunteers were fab - they had their big foam hands with them and Matilda was loving collecting the hi-fives as she went past. Once all of the runners had completed the course, we headed back to the car to warm up.

running along the foggy riverside [photo:dani]

It was brilliant to run with Matilda and it seems that this is slowly replacing our buggy running. It also got us out of the house nice and early before heading off across into Essex to drop her Opa off at Stansted airport. Of course, this whole blog post was just an excuse to post some photos of the two of us running together.
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