Monday 27 July 2015

Lesnes Abbey Abbey Abbey Woods junior parkrun 15 - V200

Event 15 at Lesnes Abbey Abbey Abbey junior parkrun saw me take on a few volunteering roles...

  • Run director (inc. briefing)
  • Warm-up leader
  • Barcode Scanner

.. which all worked out fine.

run briefing (apparently me and matilda found something funny) [photo: dani]

A few weeks back, I said that if I ever did the run briefing at a junior parkrun that I would like to do it in the way I saw it being done over at Hilly Fields junior parkrun. However, I didn't quite plan things properly and I ended up just using the standard briefing format. Next time I definitely want to make it a bit snappier. I did have the pleasure of presenting one of the juniors with his half-marathon wrist band.

It was a bit of a special occasion for me as this event marked the 200th event I had been credited with volunteering at across seven different venues. For the record, my total number of credited tasks stands at 223. That's way off what it actually is, but let's not worry about that.

run briefing (again) [photo: dani]

Back to the business of the day, and right up until 5 minutes before the start of the run, Matilda was intent on helping me run direct. I told her that it would be boring and that she should just run, but still she insisted on helping me.

She had volunteered the day before at Dartford parkrun (where I ran) and I wanted to repay the favour. Somewhere between the run briefing and the warm-up she had changed her mind and decided to run.

warm-up [photo: dani]

I hung around the LAAAWjpHQ for the duration of the run and it wasn't long before we had a little stumble and one of the young runners had hurt his knee. Then the rain started and we all got wet.

The remainder of the run was incident-free and the runners soon started streaming through the finish funnel where I was waiting with my zapper, ready to scan all of their barcodes. And there were so many! In fact it was a new LAAAWjp attendance record! [event 15 results]

matilda brought hello kitty along for a run [photo: dani]

Matilda enjoyed her three solo laps and I let her scan her own barcode at the end. The other volunteers made my job look very easy and at the end they all brought back their respective signs and we left the Abbey to it's rainy self for another week. We jumped back in the car and headed home to dry off.

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