Saturday 19 March 2016

Eltham junior parkrun 3

Our visit to Eltham parkrun for event 3 followed a similar theme to the previous week. Run, then back to the car to head over to the cinema for a Sunday morning movie.

The notable thing about this run was that it was Matilda's 21st junior parkrun which means that she earned her entry into the junior parkrun marathon club.

ejp3 [photo:dani]

However, she almost pulled out half-way around as she didn't fancy completing the course, but after a quick fatherly motivational speech, she got stuck in to the second lap.

That second lap involved a father-daughter competition to reach the finish line with the first to cross the finish line earning the right to hold the popcorn at the cinema.

ejp3 briefing/warm-up [photo: dani]

It was only as we entered the last 100 metres that Matilda pointed out to me that it didn't matter how fast I ran, I wasn't allowed to cross the finish line and by default she would be the first to cross the line and thus earn the right to be controller of the popcorn.

So with that done we headed straight over to the cinema and watched the Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie movie, which was being shown as part of the 'movies for juniors' range and that means the entry fee is a very reasonable £1.75 per person!

ejp3 half-way around [photo: dani]

She's looking forward to her next junior parkrun visit where she's going to be presented with her marathon club wristband.
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