Monday 28 March 2016

Eltham junior parkrun 5

Eltham junior parkrun event 5 fell on Easter Sunday and was special for a few reasons. Firstly, Matilda had just received a surprise visit from her Oma (German Grandmother) and secondly, after having completed her 21st junior parkrun at event 3, she was due to be presented with her junior parkrun marathon milestone wristband.

collecting her marathon wristband [photo:7t]

With wind and rain, the weather wasn't exactly ideal, but we had made a plan and we were sticking to it. Upon arrival we spotted that the volunteers were all wearing bunny ears, the were some post-run treats waiting on the registration table and the Easter Bunny had showed up to do what easter bunnies do. Except Matilda wasn't really that keen on the costumed figure standing before her, so she declined a high-five and refused to have her photo taken with him.

out on the course [photo:7t]

We listened to the pre-run briefing and then it was time for the presentations with the Easter Bunny handing out the wristbands. Eeek.. 'will she go up to collect it from him?' I thought. Anyway, she did and all was fine, but she still wasn't that keen and kept a reasonable distance.

a surprise visit from germany [photo:7t]

Onto the run itself, and I really do slow Matilda down when I run with her. Instead of putting in a concentrated effort we always play games as we go around. This week we spent the entire two-lap run playing Lord of the Rings. Matilda was mostly Galadriel (riding Gandalf's horse Shadowfax) and I flittered between pretty much every other character including Smaug the Dragon from The Hobbit.

a lovely morning [photo:7t]

After the run, Matilda got to work on consuming the easter goodies that she had picked up from the registration table. Then somehow she agreed to have her photo taken with the Easter Bunny, but she was still a little freaked out by him!

She also had a mention in the run report: Eltham junior parkrun event 5 run report

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