Saturday 7 May 2016

Riddlesdown parkrun 256

With my home parkrun venue, Dartford, cancelled to make way for the Dartford Steam Fair, I arranged to take a few friends over to my former parkrun home, Riddlesdown [full venue description blog]. The slightly embarrassing thing for me was that I hadn't visited in almost two years.

It was a scorcher of a day and we arrived in good time. In total there were ten of us from Dartford parkrun running here and we managed to get a quick snap of us all just before the run started (with the weather being so hot, I thought this would make a better photo than one after the run).

dartford ten

My wife wanted to run, but my daughter didn't, so we took the running buggy with us. This was to be my 72nd run at Riddlesdown and as I had run two races (Dartford Heath 5k and Silverstone 10k) plus a hard Bedgebury Pinetum parkrun in the last week, decided to take it fairly easy.

So I started right at the back and plodded through the first kilometre in 6.16. As the field of runners thinned out I slowly filtered through, increasing the pace for each kilometre until completing the final kilometre in 5.13. Overall a nice easy run, but made a little tougher by having to push the buggy over the rough, bumpy terrain.

tokens sorted into lovely little piles of ten [photo:7t]

The run was secondary to the real reasons for visiting and once it was complete I caught up with a few Riddlesdown regulars that I hadn't seen for ages. We also went to the pub for the post-run social where we did a spot of token sorting volunteering and stayed until 1pm (early by our own standards!).

With parkrun over with for another week, we headed back to Dartford where I headed over to the Dartford Steam Fair with my daughter to check out all the fab steam machines, vintage cars, buses etc etc..
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