Saturday 24 December 2016

Dartford junior parkrun 27 (Christmas 2016)

My daughter, Matilda's love of parkrun comes and goes throughout the year and in 2016 she has mostly decided not to take part. As an alternative she has spent quite a few Sunday mornings training at Dartford Valley Rugby Club, plus she has also taken part in a few Obstacle Course Races (OCR) which were great fun. In the last few weeks, her attention has, once again, turned to junior parkrun.

Despite being a little on the tired side, the lure of a Christmas-themed event and a few hours with the great core team of volunteers was enough to tempt her out of the warm and cosy bed for a couple of laps of our local park. The weather was really mild for the time of year, so that also made it easier to get up and out.

merry christmas [photo: renee-marie young]

We managed to get out of the house in good time and wandered over to the park where we were greeted by the festively dressed volunteers. Matilda wore her Santa suit (probably a tad on the small side now, so we'll buy a new one next year) and I did my best with a red running top, a santa hat and my favourite festive socks.

Matilda decided that we would continue our Formula 1 themed junior parkrunning, but as it was Christmas, it was mixed with a bit of festive spirit. We spent a good deal of the run with Adam, who was tail running. We did pit-stops every now and then and there were lots of jingling sounds coming from our jingle bells and from Adam's festive jumper.

we were red bull two one this week [photos: renee=marie young]

We had already made plans to go for breakfast in the local Wetherspoons after the run, and it worked out that the core team had also decided to do the same. So we all went over to the pub where we were joined by the third member of our family.

The official results were online a few hours later and Matilda had completed her 29th junior parkrun in a time of 16.06. This was a little slower than her last run, but it was still a decent time for her - the only stops were for a quick breather during the pit-stops. So with 2016 all done, I'm eagerly awaiting what type of sport/activity takes her fancy in 2017. I suspect the OCRs will feature heavily once they start up again, but whatever it is, we'll do our best to have as much fun as possible doing it!
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