Saturday, 29 May 2021

Plant-based Ribs

I've only tried one product that tries to imitate ribs, and it's a good-un! There are a few other rib-like products that I've spotted, so I'll add them to the list in due course.

The VEGilantes: Plant Based R*bs with a Smoky BBQ Sauce - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Frozen / 6pk / 240g / £3

Back in my meat-eating days, I only ever tried ribs once or twice. I liked the flavour but the process of chewing and scraping all these bits of meat off of a bone was never my favourite.

I found these vegan ribs while browsing the meat-free section in Morrisons, and after trying them I keep going back for more! In the box you get the r*bs and a sachet of smoky BBQ sauce. You start cooking the r*bs and then coat them in the sauce about half-way through. You're supposed to cook them in the oven, but mine is currently out-of-action so I have been using a frying pan, which works very well. They've really done an awesome job recreating the texture and flavour of ribs, but without the ordeal of tearing it off the bone - plus the 'meat' doesn't get stuck in your teeth. I'm enjoying these more than I ever did the real thing.

I also used a bit of the sauce to flavour some roast potatoes (again, I was pan frying them, so they were probably fried potatoes) and they were awesome too!

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