Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Plant-based Cheese

When it comes to cheese, I've only really ever liked the hard cheeses such as cheddar. So you will not find any information on here about any of the soft cheeses.

I've never found a perfect vegan cheese, and to be fair I've almost much given up trying new ones.

The main problem I find with the vegan cheeses is that when they are melted (cheese on toast / pizza / grated onto pasta) they feel like a melted plastic. The really annoying thing is the way the substance then sticks to the roof of the mouth. This is the part I think the producers really need to work on.

I don't really have reviews for any of the cheeses so far. For the record I like to leave the cheese in the grill until it starts to go golden and the Asda own brand option has been best at this. I'll get some ratings on this page at some point, but for now all I'll say is the Asda own brand is the best I've tried.
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