Thursday 16 December 2010

Putting in the miles

One thing I have trouble with is finding the time to put in the miles, what with work, a new baby and other commitments, my fitness regime has been pushed down my list of priorities.

In an attempt increase my weekly mileage I'm going to get off of my evening train one stop earlier and run the rest of the way home, which is 5km. I have no plans to do this daily until the weather improves. I can start with a couple of runs per week and then increase this gradually. By the summer it could add up to 25km + a bonus 5km (As I'm already in my kit I can squeeze in 5 x 1k runs between work and Charing X). Adding my longer weekend session should bump me up to 40km per week, which is around 160km per month (That's 100 miles!). A massive improvement on my current 60km-ish per month.

Another positive is that this leaves my mornings free to concentrate on gym work or to sleep or eat or change nappies or, well you get the picture.

I'm not a fan of running whilst wearing my backpack, but it is a necessary evil. I have one that has waist and chest straps, I tend to have lots of red marks across my body after using it during a run, as long as these don't get sore it's something I can live with.

At the moment (winter) the first 1km is pitch black due to a lack of street lighting (they are country lanes) and then when I hit the main road the fumes from the traffic can be quite strong. By the time I reach 4km the uphill slog begins.

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