Sunday 23 January 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 17 Jan 2011

Monday 17 Jan 2011: UNPLANNED REST DAY

After being caught in heavy rain on the way to work I had to spend my gym time drying my socks for work. Did a few reps with some dumbbells but not a full workout.

Tuesday 18 Jan 2011: Chest and Triceps

Machine Flyes
Machine Press
Tricep Extensions
Tricep Pull Downs

Wednesday 19 Jan 2011: Back and Biceps

This was supposed to be a 5km treadmill run day but all five treadmills were in use so I had to change the workout - Not happy! Anyway, I dropped the weight for the back exercises because I had trouble hitting the muscle properly last week, it worked a treat.

Seated Row
Underhand Machine Pull Downs
Barbell Curls
Dumbbell Curls

Thursday 20 Jan 2011: UNPLANNED REST DAY

I took the opportunity to spend some extra time with my wife and daughter.

Friday 21 Jan 2011:

5km Treadmill Run (at 5 min per km pace)

Saturday 22 Jan 2011:

6.25km Run - Summary / Map

Sunday 23 Jan 2011:

10.1km Run - Summary / Map


Overall I'm disappointed that I didn't plan my runs better this week, and I also dropped my weight session for legs completely. All I can do is try to get back on track next week. I might even write down the weights and reps that I do (probably a good idea).

The plan for next week is:

Mon - Chest, Triceps and Shoulders
Tues - Back and Biceps
Wed - 5km on Treadmill
Thurs - Legs and Core
Fri - 5km on Treadmill
Sat - REST
Sun - 10km
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