Monday 7 February 2011

Be Careful!

Today is the day after my long run (12km). I have no aches or pains from the run itself, which is good news. However, I do have a little niggle of a pain somewhere around my Achilles Tendon on my right leg/foot - If this didn't happen during the run, how did it happen?

The answer is.... Entertaining the baby!

You see, she giggles so much when I jump (forwards, backwards, side-to-side and on-the-spot) that I can't resist doing it. So when I felt a slight tenderness last night after jumping around (which incidentally is a good workout in itself and gives me a nice burn in the quads) I was feeling a little stupid for not being more careful. I'm hobbling slightly but it doesn't feel too serious. I'm just going to take things easy and hope I feel better by Wednesday for my interval session.

The giggles make up for the discomfort, but I will be more careful next time!

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