Friday 11 February 2011

Consideration for Others? No chance.

I was in the gym this week, just finished my pull-ups and moving onto another piece of equipment (The lat pull-down machine). I was in the process of sitting down only to be informed by another gym member that he was 'using it'. I apologised and moved onto my next exercise.

The next thing I knew the guy that was supposedly using it had followed me over to the machine I was using and proceeded to do some tricep pushdowns next to me. Then he moved on to the Smith Machine and started to do some chest presses. I can only assume that he was working his way around the room and didn't want anyone else using any of the machines he was planning to use.

In the 10 minutes that I was waiting he didn't even look at the pull-down machine, let alone use it!! So I plonked myself down on the machine and carried on with my workout.

What a cock!

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