Sunday 13 February 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 7 Feb 2011

Monday 7 February:

- Chest and Triceps

Tuesday 8 February:

- Back and Arms

Wednesday 9 February:

- Interval Run
  • One minute Intervals - Fast at 15.1kmph (3.56 per km pace) / Slow at 11.9kmph (5.02 per km pace)

Thursday 10 February:

- 5.47km Run - Summary / Map

Friday 11 February:

- Legs + Chest and Back
  • Chest and back was all body-weight, alternating between pull-ups and push-ups. Generally it was 5 pull-ups, then 10 push-ups each set, but on some sets I could only manage 4 pull-ups.

Saturday 12 February:

- Rest

Sunday 13 February:

- 12.06km Run - Summary / Map
  • The outside of my right knee was a bit sore for most of the early stages of the run but somehow it felt better after 9km, so I did the full 12km.


The main concern this week has been the pain on the outside of my right knee, feels like the ITBS pain that I was having in the left knee until recently. The difference is that I seem to be able to run-it-off eventually, which was never possible on the other side.

Next week's plan will be slightly different as I have a few days annual leave (so no access to the gym, which is at work, from Wednesday).

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