Thursday, 17 February 2011

Music - The Long Run

Like many other runners, I enjoy the silence of an early morning run, the perfect time to just let the stresses of life evaporate into the cool air. But mostly, I like to listen to music while running, actually it seems like the only opportunity I get to do so.

It's a great album to escape from the world to, and because of its length (72 minutes) it is perfect for my long run.

Sigur Ros - ( )


From Wikipedia:
  • Sigur Ros is an Icelandic post-rock band with melodic, classical, and minimalist elements. The band is known for its ethereal sound, and frontman Jónsi Birgisson's falsetto vocals and use of bowed guitar.

The album is sung in a made-up language called 'Vonlenska' - or in English 'hopelandic'.

It carefully builds from gentle, sometimes minimalistic, pieces into full-on gut-wrenching climaxes. There is something about the mental and physical strain of a long run that seems to magnify the emotion in the album, and when that final song reaches its climax, as does the long run, I feel elated, or even doubly elated - if that's possible.

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