Wednesday 2 March 2011

February 2011


Total Running Mileage: 97.1 Kilometres (60.3 Miles)

A good month for me. I've consistently put in three runs per week, I'd like to knock it up to four runs soon. I'm thinking about adding in a Monday evening or Tuesday morning run - Maybe that'll happen in March, maybe not.

I had my trail shoes delivered just before my last run this month, so I'm looking forward to hitting the trails as often as I can.

Yet again, I didn't manage to make it to a ParkRun. Could March be the month that it happens?

I was tempted to stick in an extra 3km run on the last day of February just to cross the magic 100km mark, but it seemed like I'd be cheating myself. So I'll just make 100km the goal for March.

Weights / Strength Training

Not much has changed over the last month. I'm still doing a pull day, a push day and a leg day in the gym. I'm happy-ish with that, although I am starting to feel that a change would be nice. Maybe something outside of the gym involving pull-ups using the branch of a tree and chest press with a log from the forest. I'll think about it and if I make it into a forest to strength train I'll ask the wife to take some photos and put them into a post.

My favourite exercise this month has been the walking lunges.

Here is a graph showing daily activity for the month:

  • 12 Days containing Running Activity
  • 12 Days containing Weights or Strength Training
  • 5 Days of rest

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