Wednesday 11 May 2011

Pre Race - Bedgebury Forest 10km

I've been feeling quite groggy for the last few days (headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, congestion etc..) but today I feel like I might be turning a corner. *fingers crossed*

The off-shot to that is that I haven't felt like running as much as I'd like, plus I have a race this weekend and I don't want to do anything silly in the next few days!

Anyway, the race....

It's the Runner's World Trailblazer 10km at Bedgebury Forest, near Tunbridge Wells.

This is my first race that has staggered start times, I am in wave 2 - which is the first sub-50 minute wave. Unless the course is extreme hilly I should comfortably come in well within 50 minutes. If I have a very good day I could be looking at a time somewhere near 45 minutes, if I break 45 minutes I'll be ecstatic! (current PB for the distance was during a training run and stands at 47.12)

There are 894 entrants listed on the race website (I'm no. 761), I'd be really happy to make it into the top 10 percent - So overall 89th position or better will do that (unless some people drop out).

You can see some course details - here! It's the second race in the series.

I'm hoping that the wife will be able to take a few photos on the day and I will of course write a race report at the weekend.

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