Monday 2 May 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 25 April 2011

I'm a bit late with this week's workouts. The family came down to visit us for the day (on Sunday) and I was too tired to get this posted after they had left. Anyway, only 24 hours later than planned...


  • Run - 7.2km ( summary / map ).
  • Foam Rolling / Pigeon Pose.

  • Weights - Chest / Triceps / Core (plus a few pull-ups, for funzies).
  • Foam Rolling / Pigeon Pose.

  • Interval Run (Treadmill) - 6km ( summary )
  • - - Fast interval at 15.2 kmph, which is 3.56 minutes per km pace.
  • - - Recovery at 12ish kmph, approx 5 minutes per km pace.
  • Foam Rolling and pigeon pose sessions (gym/home).

  • Run - 5.54km ( summary / map ) Note: My GPS cut out as I entered Green Park and reconnected as I left Green Park so I had to re-calculate the distance, map only shows 3.75km. Maybe this has something to do with the satellite dishes that have been installed in Green Park for the press to cover the Royal Wedding on Friday.

  • Rest Day. Just did a foam rolling and stretching session. We were supposed to go on a 12km hike from Tonbridge to Sevenoaks but as we were all feeling quite groggy we postponed.


I almost managed to do my first ParkRun but still felt groggy first thing in the morning and gave it a miss - Next week maybe?? I felt a little better by lunch time so I squeezed in a little run.
  • Run - 4.13km ( summary / map )
  • Foam Roller / Pigeon Pose.

  • Run - 8.55km ( summary / map )
  • Foam Roller / Pigeon Pose
  • 100 Push-ups (10x10)

Very happy with the running this week. No IT band pain, but I will continue to stick to the foam rolling/pigeon pose routine as it seems to be making a difference. I've taken my eye off of the weight training, so it has suffered over the last few weeks. I hope to at least manage to work each body part once during the week in future. To be honest, I'm enjoying running a lot more than I enjoy lifting weights at the moment and have more goals that relate to running so I'm investing more time on that side, makes sense to me. Still, I need to maintain some kind of balance so I'll work on that.

It was the first week ever that I managed to break to the 30km mark, I hope to make that my base level for all of the weeks in May in the hope of finally passing the 100km month mark that has so far proved elusive!

Now that April has come to an end it's worth noting that I managed to clock up 91.7km, at one point I thought I would have trouble reaching 50km, so I'm really happy with it. I'm still on track to meet my goal of 1000km in 2011.

Due to the IT band problem I started to run more often but shorter distances, that's how I made up the mileage even though I took a whole week off running earlier in the month.

All the best,
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