Sunday 24 April 2011

Workouts - Week Commencing 18 April 2011

Monday: Chest and Core. Run.
  • Push-ups with feet on stability ball (5x10)
  • Machines Flyes
  • Crunches with 5kg Ball (5x10)
  • 3.1km Treadmill Run ( summary ) - IT Band feeling tender. Slight burning pain at times.
  • Foam rolling and stretching. (home)

Tuesday: Back and Run
  • 3.1km Treadmill Run ( summary ) - Followed by quick roll on gym foam roller.
  • Pull-ups (6 sets of 4 reps)
  • Foam Rolling Session (home)

Wednesday: Rest (from running)
  • I did the sensible thing and took a rest day from running
  • Home DB Workout (Shoulders) - Possibly strained my back during this. (rested - now ok)
  • Foam Rolling Session (home)

Thursday: Run
  • 5.56km Run [London] ( summary / map ) No ITBS pain. Good warmup (inc. pigeon pose)
  • Foam Roller Session / Pigeon Pose

(Good) Friday:
  • 4.53km Run ( summary / map ) No ITBS pain. Same warm up as previous day.
  • Foam Rolling Session / Pigeon Pose

  • 4.53km Run ( summary / map ) No ITBS pain. Same warm up as previous days.
  • Foam Rolling session(s) / Pigeon Pose

(Easter) Sunday:
  • 8.05km Run ( summary / map ). No ITBS pain but could feel it possibly creeping up on me towards the end.
  • Foam Rolling / Pigeon Pose / Stretches

I'm really happy with my running this week. I seem to be making progress on my ITBS issue. I haven't been lifting as many weights though. I'm at a point where I feel that the running has taken over, which isn't a problem because I love it, but I also love to lift weights so I have some work to do to get a better balance in the next few weeks. Also, once I feel completely free of the ITBS demon I want to get some key workouts back into my training, the midweek interval session and the Sunday long run to be specific.

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