Saturday 4 June 2011

Beachy Head

This week we spent a few days down at the South Coast, in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne sits just to the East of the stunning cliffs of Beachy Head. Being so close to such amazing scenery was too good a running opportunity to let pass. As a bonus we had the most glorious weather I have seen for years!

Where the Seafront meets the path to Beachy Head

I started off from the hotel at 5.43am (day 1) and 7.07am (day 2) and ran along the seafront to the start of the steep uphill section. It is so steep that I had to slow and walk on more than one occasion. I still can't believe I was awake so early on the first day of my holiday!

A section of the path (with a man for scale)

On day 1 I had one aim - To get to the top! So I took the most direct path. Spent a short time admiring the view and continued back down via a slightly different route. I got back to the hotel showered, had breakfast. Then headed straight back up to the cliffs with my wife and daughter for a hike (and to take these photos).

The View from the Top of the Cliffs

On day 2 I thought it would be fun to explore the lower parts (still very steep) of the cliffs. Although I didn't go all the way to the top I actually ascended more metres over the course of the run.

More paths (and more people for scale)

Running in such a beautiful location makes all my usual runs seem very boring, It's hard to imagine ever being bored of running on these cliffs.

The Coastline (you can see part of the path I ran along)

It was awesome!

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