Saturday 23 July 2011

Riddlesdown Parkrun No.4

This week my hamstring felt better, so decided that I could race and lined up near the front. I overheard some guys talking about finishing in 17-18 minutes so I stayed out of their way.

I had promised myself that I'd try to run a negative split today, but as soon as we started I knew that I had gone out too fast.

I was already breathing quite heavily by the end of the first kilometre. I reached the half-way point and my 2.5km split was 9:45 (my fastest to date). The second lap was going to be really tough so all I could do was try to hang on for as long as possible.

As I made my way through the second lap I could feel myself fading, my arms started to feel like they were just flapping around. I REALLY wanted to just stop and collapse in a gasping heap.

I had another runner right behind me for most of the course, I knew who it was and I knew that she'd be stronger than me towards the end. It was like being at the point where you know something bad is going to happen and just want to be put out of your misery. During the last 300 metres or so she drew level, we stayed like that for a few seconds, then she edged away. I was at 100% effort, there was no way I could fight back. She is in the 50-54 age category, this is one of the things I love about racing - A lady the same age as my Mum is kicking my arse!

Even though Riddlesdown is quite a pretty place, that bright yellow sign that says 'finish' was the greatest sight I saw all day. Over the line and into recovery mode.

It always surprises me how quickly I recover, within a few minutes I felt like I could run some more. But I didn't this week.

The important stats...
  • Weather: Dry, Sunny.
  • Temp: 15ish
  • Wind: Little/None
Official Riddlesdown parkrun results page for this event - HERE
  • Total number of runners: 82
  • Overall position: 8th
  • Gender position: 6th
  • Age Group: 1st (I was the only 30-34 male this week so it doesn't really count)
  • Time: 20:19 - A new PB!
  • 2.5km Splits - 9:45 / 10:34
There are possibly a few more seconds in me at the moment, but probably not the 20 seconds I need to go sub-20!

I might back off of 5k racing for a while to concentrate on half-marathon training. When I say 'back off' I just mean not racing flat out every single week. Every other week might still be possible.

Another fun week of racing up at Riddlesdown. The hamstring feels good so far, a cold/ice bath wouldn't hurt though!

Next week Dani (the wife) is lined up to be the official photographer again, so we'll be back at Riddlesdown for event number 5!!

Lastly, thanks to my two lovely ladies for taking the photo(s) and their support!


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