Wednesday 17 August 2011

Nine hours in Bluewater

Apart from the insane amount of time we spent there, it was a standard shopping trip to Bluewater with the main purpose being for my Father-in-law to pick up a few gifts for my daughter's 1st birthday.

I took the opportunity to have a browse in the Nike store and also in Sweatshop. I saw a couple of nice tech-shirts but they were quite expensive, unfortunately my running budget doesn't stretch to their prices anymore.

Then almost by accident I found myself in Uniqlo, there I found a selection of tech-shirts marked up at £7.99. I'm well aware that these tops will probably not perform as well as the more expensive ones but it gives me more colour choices to wear during races and parkruns - My wife takes photos during my races for the blog and it's nice to be able to tell the different events apart by the clothes I wore.

uniqlo tech t-shirts

Anyway, upon closer inspection I found that the tops had been reduced from £7.99 to £2.90! I grabbed an arm-full and headed for the changing room, worked out that their 'small' was too large for me and went back to find all of the 'extra-small' tops they had. Unfortunately, they only had three left. I bought them all for the absolute bargain price of £8.70!!

So if you fancy grabbing yourself a bargain and don't mind if they aren't the same quality as the big brands pop down to Uniqlo before they sell them all!

They had also reduced the prices on shorts and some strange looking tops in a style that I'd never seen before (short-sleeved running t-shirts but had a zip and a hood like a tracksuit top). I tried one on but it was a 'small' - as in too big, so I had to pass on that.

they sound good enough

Expect to see me at the Riddlesdown parkrun in my £2.90 running tops over the next few weeks!

That reminds me, I need to write about socks.


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