Monday 29 August 2011

Sevenoaks Weald 10km pre-race thoughts

On Sunday 4 September 2011 I will be taking part in the 'The Weald St. George's 10km race'. The latest news is that Dame Kelly Holmes will be starting the race. I am looking forward to it.

This 10k is scheduled into my training plan as a warm-up for the Tonbridge half-marathon. It's not intended to be the focus of my running. So as it stands I don't know what my plan is for it. It seems a shame to go to the effort of entering a race and then just cruising along, but perhaps that is the point. I'm going to have to re-read my HM training notes for guidance!

Dame Kelly Holmes starting the 2009 race
(photo:Weald Parish Council Website)


All race details including the course description are on the race website.

The direct link to the official map of the course is here.

I have also plotted the route myself (to check the hill profile), hopefully you'll find it here.

Due to it being an undulating course it is going to be impossible to set a new personal best. For the record my current 10k PB stands at 42:07, that was a fairly flat course in Staplehurst.

  • Sub-50 if I stick with HM pace practice OR sub-45 of I decide to race properly
  • To not injure myself
  • To enjoy it and the scenery
  • To get a high-five, low-five, hand-shake etc.. from DKH at the end
  • To cross the finish line smiling


As of 28 August there are 257 entrants. I'm sure I read that last year there were over 400, what else is happening that weekend to make such a big difference?

My race pack was scheduled to be sent out on 27 August, so it should arrive early this week. I'll keep my fingers crossed because my last 10k race pack did not arrive and I had to contact the race director to have a spare number made ready. It couldn't happen on two consecutive races, could it?

I will of course post a race report as soon as I can after the race with lots of lovely photos taken by my number one fan (the wife).

Don't forget to follow me on twitter. I am @copy7t - I'll probably tweet my provisional result straight after the race. (although the official result may not be available until later).

Take lots of care, run and smile (all at the same time if you feel like showing off!).


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