Tuesday 29 November 2011

Decisions at 5.59am

With my alarm set to wake me up way earlier than most people would tolerate I went to sleep. The downside was that I had sat up a tiny bit too late the night before and really didn't want to get up and run. However. I did.

eenie, meenie, miney, mo.

It's always a tad tricky trying to decide what to wear when I don't plan it the night before. I wandered around for a while. I found some suitable clothes that had only just dried from the previous day's wash.

Then I had to decide which shoes to wear. In the end the choice was easy. I am really enjoying running in my Nike Free 3.0 (the red ones) at the moment, so I picked them up and somehow managed to attach them to my feet in our semi-dark hallway.

With the hamstring feeling ok, I decided to head off on a slightly different route. One that included a slight incline, which I managed with no discomfort.

I then headed into the industrial zone to destroy a bit more of my soul.

Eventually I appeared at the far end of the High Street, started to run the length of it and after a brief diversion through the Waitrose car park (don't ask) I arrived back home.

6.3km in 32:14 (5:07 per km pace).


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