Thursday 1 December 2011

Weather intervals?

As you'll all know by now, during the week I run early in the morning before heading off to work. The weather forecast for Wednesday evening / Thursday morning looked like this....

heavy rain overnight / dry period for my run / more rain

On paper it looked like I would have plenty of puddles to deal with but no actual rain attacking me.... plus a balmy eleven degrees!

I stepped out of the door at 6.15am and it was fairly pleasant, the ground was wet as expected and the air was unseasonably warm.

I hadn't planned a specific route, but wanted to squeeze in six kilometres or so at an easy pace. I decided to head North for an 'out-and-back' first section. There were quite a few large puddles and at one point my left foot managed to kick a load of water up in the air, which then came down on my right foot and soaked right in. Lovely.

After this section I decided to venture into the industrial zone. The air today was considerably dirtier than usual, I could feel the diesel fumes filling my lungs. It wasn't pleasant. Before long I was back into some cleaner air and heading towards Waitrose. I seem to have something about running through supermarket car parks lately.

It was 7.02am by the time I went back inside to get ready for work. Twenty five minutes later I emerged from the flat to walk to the train station.. But as I got onto the High Street the rain unleashed its fury and I got completely drenched, really really drenched. Of course if I hadn't misplaced my umbrella a few days earlier I could have whipped it out. But even that wouldn't have saved my jeans from the pounding they took. I was not happy about that.

Anyway, it was a good run and that's what matters.

8.2km in 42 minutes (pace: 5.12 per km. For the imperial minded people that's just a bit slower than 8 minute miles)


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