Sunday 4 December 2011

Riddlesdown parkrun twenty-three (rdp23)

I've been looking forward to this week for quite a while, what with it being my 25th parkrun.

Depending on which goal I am focusing on at any given moment, I am either...

50% of the way there for entering the 50 club
25% of the way there for entering the 100 club
10% of the way there for entering the 250 club

I don't want to sound too obsessed by it, but if everything goes to plan I should join the 50 club in May 2012.

Now for the run itself...

meine frauen (fotograph: Nicki Clark)

We arrived in good time (by our own recent standards) as Mrs7t was taking a well earned break from running, to be the official photographer. Lime hung around with the wife for a while but decided it would be more fun to spend the second half of the event hanging around with someone a little more bonkers fluorescent!

off to compose a few more verses of their parkrun song

The conditions today were quite challenging. A lot of rain through the previous night had left the ground very muddy - not everywhere, but in some key places. However, the rain had passed by 9am. The temperature was somewhere around 9 degrees.

i'm sure i'm a bit taller in real life

Once the usual pre-race announcements were taken care of, Nicki presented November's parkrunner of the month prize to Barb. I was very pleased when I had read that she had won it ( yes, I do check the parkrun website for this kind of info :-p ). It was much deserved - welcome to the club, and congratulations! I hope you have fun choosing your shoes!

this photo isn't over exposed, i'm just pale

Then the race started, squelch, squelch, went the runners as they sprinted, jogged, and shuffled out of the start funnel. I started at the back again and before long pulled up along side Chris, we chatted for a few minutes and then I pressed on. Shortly after, I found myself drawing alongside Barb, we exchange a few brief words and again I pressed on. Just before the half-way point I saw that I was closing in on Pete, shortly afterwards I was alongside him. We stayed together along the gravel path, where we had to negotiate the wide puddles. We had completely different approaches to these. Pete went straight through, while I danced around the edges not wanting to get my feet wet!

all the twos, twenty-two!

After the 2.5km point I pushed on, from here it was a fairly lonely second half.

I think most people wearing road shoes would have had problems with traction today. Again, I wore my trail shoes, this has been the week where I really needed them. I'm interested to see how the shoes hold up in these conditions, especially in the corners, when I start racing again.

trail shoes and mud are best friends (photo taken after all the extra bits of mud had been bashed off)

Overall it was a very chatty parkrun for me. We continued on to the Good Companions pub for coffee. Again, it was instant - it just doesn't have the same effect as the filter coffee. I must ask if they can reinstate the real coffee. Oh, and I must get to the pub in time to hear Reckoner next time.
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