Sunday 4 December 2011

Things have changed a lot since the 70's

I have been trying to avoid back-to-back running days recently, but as a tiny bit of confidence has crept back in I decided to go out for a run. Sunday is usually reserved for my long run. That is completely out of the question at the moment so I followed a similar route to the one I ran on Thursday.

Tonbridge High Street c.1970's, you can tell it's not the eighties because the people are not wearing shell suits

Firstly, I could not pick up the GPS signal. I stood there, waiting, waiting, waiting. Then I re-started the running app. Still I waited.... Eventually I pressed 'go' on the app to try to force it to pick up the satellite. After a few seconds it picked up the signal. I stopped the app and the signal remained. Finally after ten minutes of standing in the cold I was finally able to start my run.

I took this one today

A few days ago I found a pair of headphones that I thought I had lost. They are the ones that have a bar that goes around the back of your head, the ear-pieces rest on the ears and a little plastic arm goes behind your ear to hold them on. The one thing that caused a problem in the beginning was that the plastic arm caused my glasses to move up and down as I ran. I fiddled around with it and eventually it all settled down.

I headed North. I saw three people riding horses, or did I see three horses carrying people? I think they were the same ones from the first photo, although the ones I saw weren't pulling a fire engine. The austerity measures mean that should a fire occur in Tonbridge, we all have to stand around dancing for rain. As a side note, for some reason Tonbridge council are not collecting any of our recyclable paper. Pretty poor considering the astronomical council tax we have to pay every month. At least we had fireworks to accompany the turning on of the Christmas lights last weekend.

It was quite chilly, but I had doubled up on top and was wearing my gloves so I felt fine. So far I have managed to get away without my tights.

I was worried that the hamstring could flare up again. It behaved.

Anyway, regarding the photos. Because people now have the internet very few people go out, you see modern day Tonbridge is very empty. The shops that are left don't even bother to open anymore. It must have been strange back in the seventies before they invented cats.

I ran a whopping 8.2kmin 43 minutes.


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