Tuesday 6 December 2011

Return of the winter kit

I went to be bed on Monday evening with the intention of springing out of bed at 5.51am and following my 8km route. 5.51 came and the alarm went off. To me it still felt like the middle of the night so I hit the snooze button. 5.56 and off it went again, shortly followed by by me snoozing the alarm again. By the third time it went off I decided that it was now or never. So I hauled my sleepy head out of the bed and eventually found myself leaving the flat via the back door and standing in our frosty, but pleasant, car park.

With the temperature hanging at around 2 degrees, I started my run.

self portrait. shipbourne road.

Today was the first time this season that I had really felt it was necessary to wear my running tights. I also thought it seemed sensible to wear my hat.

The frost had made part of my route a bit slippery. Not enough to be overly worried, but certainly enough to add a bit of extra caution.

After approx 3km I didn't feel too happy about my hamstring. No pain or anything, just odd. Possibly a slightly knotty feeling. So instead of following the 8km route I cut out the last section and headed towards home.

My choice of clothing was spot on. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.

6.1km / Total time 34:18 (that included a bit of walking during a slippery downhill section).


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