Thursday 8 December 2011

Electric cars

The stand out feature of Thursday morning's run was the fact that it was completely pain and niggle free, which was nice.

I stood inside the hallway peering out through the main entrance door onto the High Street. I was hoping that it wouldn't be as cold as it was on Tuesday. In fact, it was slightly warmer today, but still cold enough for tights, gloves and my hat. Oh, and it rained. I say rain but it was more of a misty spray.

Something I noticed today was that I must run quite silently. This is especially true when I wear my Nike Free 3.0 trainers. Anyway I was running towards a man, he was talking to someone in a car. I thought he had noticed me but as I was about to run past he stepped right into my path. I really must have been quiet.

I sometimes jingle my door keys as I approach people so that I don't startle them as I run past. Some people move to the side to give me the space to pass, others don't and I sometimes have to step into the road. I always look before doing this because being hit by a car would almost certainly hurt.

Anyway, people of Tonbridge - if you hear someone's keys jingling behind you just assume that it is me and leave me enough space to run past without me needing to move into the road.

8.2km (42.02).
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