Thursday, 24 November 2011

No data

5.52am... the alarm started to beep. Actually it doesn't beep. Years ago I took an Aphex Twin track and edited a small section to use as an alarm - I've been using it ever since.

I strapped on my reflective arm band (see photo).

the blurry photo pretty matches my own vision/state of mind at this time of day

After selecting which shoes to wear (Nike Free 3.0) I picked up my phone only to realise that I had forgotten to turn on my charger the night before. The battery indicator had changed to orange to indicate that it was low. I picked it up and carried on as usual, hopeful that it might just have enough juice left to record my running data.

The phone took a little longer to find the satellites this morning, so I walked up and down, swung my legs, and did some squats while waiting for it to find some. Once it had locked on, I got on with the run. The goal was to keep at a comfortable pace and not do anything that could push my recovery back again.

I followed a similar route to the one that I used a few days earlier, but this time I didn't run down the spooky alleyway because, honestly, I was scared! I know I'm a grown up and I shouldn't let my imagination go crazy, but I can't stop it.

I reached a point where I knew that I would be approaching 5k and unlocked my phone to check the distance. The phone reported 4.6km and then..... 'You have insufficient battery - the phone will now power down' ... and that's what it did. All the lovely GPS data from the run was lost. Forever. I swore out loud as I was running along, twice.

I continued my route and finished back on Tonbridge High Street.

Once I was at a computer I plotted the route on a map so I could manually enter the distance on my log.


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