Tuesday 22 November 2011

Spooky Run

This morning my alarm went off at 05:52. I snoozed it once, but forced myself out of bed when it resumed its annoying repetitive jingle. After some rummaging around looking for my running gear, I emerged from our building and stepped out onto a foggy Tonbridge High Street. I started to warm up while I waited for my phone to pick up some satellites. Once I had the signal I hit go and started my training run. It was 06:14.

tonbridge high street (looking north)
I ran down the high street, then turned left and entered the industrial area. I hate running in this part of Tonbridge, it is so depressing. There are noisy lorries going past. There is barely anything green. The only reason that I have been using this route is because it is pretty flat, I need to keep to flat routes at the moment as my hamstring is reacting badly to inclines.

Once in the industrial area the street lighting pretty much disappeared. The fog and lack of street lights left me with extremely bad visibility. I almost ran into a couple of people - they must have been surprised as this runner clad head to ankle in black (the shoes were red) came from out of nowhere and almost knocked them flying at this hour.

I doubled back and entered an even darker zone, my plan was to cut through an alleyway I had found a few weeks earlier. I could barely see a thing and continued the route from memory. I found the alleyway and here the visibility went down to zero. I had to walk briefly. As I was walking I suddenly felt quite scared, then something touched my leg. I was terrified and started to ease back into a jog. I thought about turning back but that's where the 'thing' was. I wanted to run but I knew that somewhere ahead was a metal gate, and I didn't want to run into it.

tonbridge high street (looking south)
At the end of the alleyway I cut through an industrial estate and fed back out into the main road, where I was relieved to finally find some light. I continued through the foggy, partially lit industrial zone and continued on until I finally came back out onto the high street.



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