Tuesday 27 December 2011

The Deacon Trading Estate

Today was a scheduled running day. I didn't go out first thing in the morning because I'm on holiday and can run whenever I feel like it instead of having to do it before the sun rises.

Deacon Trading Estate (part of the Tonbridge industrial zone)

As the clock approached 11:30am my breakfast felt like it had digested. I decided the time was right to hit the road. That way I could run and shower before it was time to have lunch.

My brother-in-law is staying with us at the moment, he is also a runner. He decided to come out with me. It is very rare for me to have someone to run with, so it was nice to head out for a nice social training run.

It was unexpectedly warm outside. The forecast said 7 degrees but it felt more like 10 or 11.

We headed North along my usual flat-ish route. About 1km in and I was already unzipping my running top to let some cooler air in.

After 6km we arrived at the dreaded industrial zone. We went through to the far end of the zone and then did a loop before coming back along the other side of the road.

As we ran past the Deacon Trading Estate I notched up my 1000th running mile of 2011. It was typical that my goal for the whole year was reached in my least favourite part of Tonbridge. However, the moment was always going to be special no matter where it happened and my fist very discreetly punched the air. It was very nice to be able to share the moment with someone.

Then we cut through and headed back up to the High Street, where we arrived back at the flat one hour and two minutes after we started.

Total: 10.5km at an average pace of 5.55 per kilometre.
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