Monday 26 December 2011

Riddlesdown parkrun twenty-six (christmas eve)

Having already been off of work for a week, my internal clock had fully adjusted to holiday mode. So when my alarm started bleeping in my ear at 6:56 I wasn't impressed. A full ten minutes later I finally dislodged myself from the Steve-shaped dent in the mattress and wandered into the bathroom.

Mrs7t, who was equally unimpressed at being woke up so early, managed to get herself out of bed before I returned to the dark cosy bedroom to begin the process of trying to dress a sleeping baby.

In the room next door, the baby's uncle, who is staying with us for Christmas, was already awake, dressed and surfing the internet.

Somehow we managed to leave the house on time.

On Friday the parkrun course had taken a pretty severe soaking, so it was no surprise to find that the course was muddy, with a nice selection of water features that would require some nifty footwork to navigate.

A combination of the hamstring feeling odd and a lack of desire to race resulted in me taking things fairly easy. According to my training zones I ran a steady-state pace.

I probably overdid the clothing a tiny bit, with three layers up top, plus hat, gloves, tights, and 3/4 length shorts. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the hat to come off!

As there was to be a special Christmas day event we decided to save the festive attire for the 25th.

Mrs7t also ran, but is suffering from a bit of pain in her foot so didn't manage to set a new personal best. That and the fact that Lime was crying at the start of the run, meaning that she started a little later than everyone else.

A few cups of coffee and quite a lot of cake made sure that we were suitably refueled afterwards.

(The post is short - It's Christmas and there are lots of other things to do!)

By the way... thanks to the photographers, Nicki and Pete, for use of the... er.. photos!

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