Monday 19 December 2011

A long run and a recovery run

Part one...


Not the best conditions for a swing-swing

It was a cold, beautiful morning. I left the house just before the sunrise and decided to explore some of the back streets of North Tonbridge.

As it was Sunday (and I had no pressure to get to work) I decided to stick my headphones on and listen to some Radiohead during my run. I headed along Shipbourne Road.

About 3km down the road I turned into Whistler Road. At this point I felt amazing, the sun was rising and there was frost on the ground. I continued along and worked my way through the houses until I came out onto the Ridgeway. Then I turned off into Rochester Road, which I had always avoided because it says that it is a dead end... well it is.... if you are a car.

I cut through the alleyway (no scary things this time) and eventually came back out on the main road before heading back towards the High Street.

It was a brilliant run. The hamstring didn't hurt, but it did feel fatigued. This was probably to do with the side roads being quite undulating. I'll stay on the flat roads for the rest of the week.

Sunday 10.3km (Easy pace)


Part two...


The runner's view (Shoes: New Balance Minimus Road)

Today the weather was probably a tiny bit colder than Sunday. Still lots of frost around. I had to go to Sainsburys to buy some fresh bread for breakfast. Rather than walk there I thought I could go for a recovery run. So I did. I kept the pace just inside my recovery run pace (by 1 second per kilometre). I headed into the dreaded industrial zone and eventually wound up at the door of the supermarket.

I bought the bread and went home. We had breakfast and then we drove to Gatwick airport to pick up my brother-in-law.

Monday 5.2km (Recovery pace)


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