Monday 2 January 2012

Bank Holiday (Janathon day 2)

As Monday was a bank holiday I decided to make sure that all the banks on the high street were actually closed. They were.

Running along the River Medway, with Tonbridge Castle in the background (photo:7t)
With that done I started my exercise for Janathon day 2. My brother-in-law is still in town so he accompanied me for a recovery run. We had in mind to run 3km at a stupidly silly slow pace.

To help with keeping the pace slow we took our cameras and spent the first 15 minutes running and photographing ourselves.

When we reached 3km we were about a kilometre away from home so turned back towards home. Then we decided that if we were going to run 4km we might as well just carry on and make it 5km.

Of course, when we hit 5km we thought we'd run around the back of the high street instead of straight down it.

So finally we made our way round to the flat and simultaneously hit stop on our GPS thingys. The pace was a little bit faster than stupidly silly slow, but still slow enough to be classified as a recovery run.

5.5km (32.xx minutes)
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