Wednesday 18 January 2012

Home to home (Janathon day 18)

Janathon day 18 brought with it a change of route..

Spa Road Station (Photo: Local History Library, Borough High Street.)
As I am spending a few days at my parents' house I thought it would be a great opportunity to commute-run via a few different routes. If I take the direct route between work and their house it is almost spot on 5k. However, there is also the option of using the Southbank of the River Thames for a nicer route. In total there should be four runs during my stay.

The first run takes me from work to their house (Westminster to Bermondsey). I chose the river route as I really didn't want to deal with the traffic. At first I stayed on the North side of the river, then crossed over the wobbly bridge and continued along the Southbank until I reached Tower Bridge. After that I disappeared into the dark streets of Bermondsey.

I passed what used to be Spa Road Train Station - It initially closed down over 100 years before I was born. There are still a few clues that it existed, you just have to look close enough to spot them. I only found out in the last few years that there used to be a station there. Weird that I grew up a few minutes away and nobody thought to tell me - maybe they didn't know, or maybe they wouldn't think that I'd be interested.

After that I swooped around a few more corners and finished my run at my parents' house.

8.2km (41 minutes)

By the way, check out what @rencestar did on Janathon day 17 at the exact spot he reached 100 Janathon kilometres. I'm quite jealous that I didn't think of this!


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